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Versatile and Useful

4/5/2020 by Jean

My husband loves this. He works on his old Packard and this lets him direct the light where he need it. Great gift.


Love this!

2/9/2020 by R.W.

Bought one for ourselves, and one for a friend. Casts a great range of light, with different options depending on what’s needed for the situation. The flexibility of the device is a real asset- easy to position in a variety of ways. We’re so glad we have it!


A Bright Light in the Darkness!

11/1/2019 by Joseph

I love this flexible light for use in dark places where there is no other light and it is really bright!! I can use it in the house, outside or take in the car on trips for when I may need light in an emergency. Great tool!


Very handy

10/4/2019 by Erica

I bought this as a gift for my brother to use around the farm. He has found plenty of uses for it, and seems to be happy with it.


Love it!

5/23/2019 by Roger

This has become my go-to flashlight. I got the 400 lumen version and it is bright and versatile.
I bought it nearly two years ago and am still using the original batteries, even though I use it quite often. The only thing I wish they could improve is if I could go directly to which mode I want instead of having to cycle through them. Since I usually use the first mode (the High spot and flood), turning it on is fine, but then I have to press the power button five times to turn it off. Oh well, that's not really a big deal.


Great lighting feature in the garage!

1/5/2019 by nancy

this is a fantastic little lighting device!! Bought it for my son who works on cars as a side-line and we found it invaluable.
so glad to have ordered this item!


Makes jobs so much easier

10/3/2018 by Kathleen

My husband restores classic cars as a hobby. He is no "spring chicken" so trying to maneuver light in tight spaces can be hard. But he told me with this light, he can get the light he needs and it's "hands free". He thinks it's a terrific light. I've already bought another one to give to my daughter's boyfriend who is a big DIYer.


Multiuse Flashlight

7/25/2018 by Vicki

I have found this product very helpful. It’s sturdy enough to stand by itself, as I use it for additional light when using my sewing machine. It has a magnetic base so it can attach to a metal surface. It can be used as a regular flashlight with adjustable brightness.


It Has Been So Handy

7/25/2018 by Nancy

There is a space in my garage between the water heater and the furnace where I have my garden tools stashed. I have never been able to really see until I put this up (via the very strong magnet) on the water heater. I was able to bend it just perfectly to finally find my tools! It is very bright and I love it!


Great Light

5/11/2018 by Philip

This is definitely the best portable, use anywhere light I have ever had. I use it everywhere. Lots of light and I love the fact that it isn't just a spot of light, but lights us the entire space. No need to move it around and I have both hands free.
I would definitely get another one.

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The FLEXiT Flashlight Story

Don’t hold the flashlight. Let it hold itself.

360° Light

This flexible, hands-free light bends and folds to shed light wherever you need it.

FLEXiT’s malleable 360-degrees of LED light design can wrap, stand, or hang just about anywhere. You can direct the light so it’s more focused or open it up to shine over a larger area. If you need to draw attention, there’s a hazard flashing setting, too. Their newest model can even be solar powered for the ultimate in convenience.

Whatever the task, you’re basically guaranteed two free hands. Attach FLEXiT to steel surfaces using the magnetic base, then bend it to prop itself up or use the loop to hang it.

Different FLEXiTs offer different brightness levels, but they all have that slim design that folds down flat to store in a backpack or glove compartment.

Whatever the task, you can count on having a nimble, versatile source of light.
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