FLEXiT Flashlight

Flexible LED Task Light Sample

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excellent customer service

5/9/2018 by Dennis

I received one that didn't turn off (a problem noted by others) and contacted the company. They promptly sent a replacement. Couldn't ask for better service. The product's very useful, especially when you have to get under the sink or into the engine bay.


Super helpful

3/15/2018 by Nancy

I've attached it to the front bar of my walker so I can see my way to the bathroom at night. I can envision lots of other uses for it as well.


Yoga light

1/29/2018 by Shawna

This trippy little yoga light has helped us retrieve items that have fallen behind a dryer, shone brightly while we dragged subwoofer cords through the back of a new entertainment stand, showed us that we need to vacuum underneath our bed. . .it almost seems like a living thing.



1/26/2018 by Mark

lighting output is more than enough for work on my car at night. Will bring this on the next camping adventure.


Portable, bright, lightweight

1/6/2018 by Katie

Bought this as a gift for my dad, and he loves it. Portable for his tough jobs up in the attic, lightweight on his tool belt, and provides excellent illumination.


Not your typical flashlight

12/28/2017 by Lorraine

Bought this flashlight for my husband and brother, big hit! It’s flexible and molds to any shape- not your typical flashlight. Super bright too!


Great Gift for all

12/28/2017 by Eliza

Got three of these as Christmas presents for my boyfriend, my dad and my sister's boyfriend. They were a hit! Everyone loves them. Works great. Bright settings, strong magnet and hook. Would recommend!


A bright idea!

11/18/2017 by Judy

I ordered one and we love it. So, I ordered several more to give as holiday gifts. Though they have not yet arrived, I am convinced the recipients will be happy and intrigued. These are particularly good for our family millennial who have not yet had to work on a car at night.


Bought as gift

11/3/2017 by Renee

Bought as a Christmas gift for my father. He loves useful gadgets!


Great light

10/28/2017 by Janet

This is great for a task light, I use it to see under a band saw after changing the blade and making adjustments

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The FLEXiT Flashlight Story

Don’t hold the flashlight. Let it hold itself.

360° Light

This flexible, hands-free light bends and folds to shed light wherever you need it.

FLEXiT’s malleable 360-degrees of LED light design can wrap, stand, or hang just about anywhere. You can direct the light so it’s more focused or open it up to shine over a larger area. If you need to draw attention, there’s a hazard flashing setting, too. Their newest model can even be solar powered for the ultimate in convenience.

Whatever the task, you’re basically guaranteed two free hands. Attach FLEXiT to steel surfaces using the magnetic base, then bend it to prop itself up or use the loop to hang it.

Different FLEXiTs offer different brightness levels, but they all have that slim design that folds down flat to store in a backpack or glove compartment.

Whatever the task, you can count on having a nimble, versatile source of light.
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