FLEXiT Flashlight

Flexible LED Task Light Sample

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2/13/2019 by Savvy

Good but not unique


2nd one was the charm

12/26/2018 by MC

Initially rec'd. one that would not turn off when I purchased for a November birthday. After cutting a hole in that one, sending a pic of said hole to the manufacturer as asked, rec'd a second that indeed turns off! Placed this one in the xmas stocking and viola, happy holidays!


Didn't Last Long Enough

12/18/2019 by Mitch

This is a cool device. I didn't use it extensively, but when I needed it, it was super useful. However after less than 1.5 yrs, I pulled if off a metal surface and it fell apart. The screws stripped out.


Not as easy as I had hoped

10/10/2017 by Elizabeth

This product came with no instuctions. I am very disappointed because I can't get it to stay on. The batteries are ok. it okay, and can be attached any where, but it doesn't stay lit.



6/29/2019 by Jane

Could not get the batteries in the unit.


Battery case of poor construction

1/6/2019 by Douglas

Used about a dozen times. The 4 corner pins/posts of battery case just snapped when flexing the light panel. Upon inspection I was surprised how small the pins/posts were.
Based on that observation, I would not buy again.


Wish it Worked

12/7/2018 by Bob

Bought two of these, as I think the design is solid. One would not shut off, so have to remove the batteries each time I use it. The second one was magnetically attached to a steel rack, and when I went to remove it the base stuck and the battery compartment and base completely fell apart. Good design, horrible execution!


Cannot recommend this product

10/2/2018 by Tom

The first FLEXiT Flashlight I received was faulty and would not turn off. It was very easy to get a replacement from The Grommet, but the second one was broken just like the first one. I just decided to keep the replacement and remove the batteries whenever I'm not using the flashlight. Maybe you'll have better luck than me...


Center Light STILL On

10/1/2018 by Richard

The first one I bought worked like a champ until I broke it. I purchased a new one but it's center light never turned off. Returned it for a refund and ordered another one. That one also had a center light that never turned off.


Unfortunate Manufacturing

7/25/2018 by Debbie

The "off" setting on the first unit did not work, so the only way to get it to turn off was to remove the batteries. Returned it for a replacement and unfortunately, the second one was exactly the same. The light itself worked great, had nice settings but without being able to turn it off, was not worth the money.

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The FLEXiT Flashlight Story

Don’t hold the flashlight. Let it hold itself.

360° Light

This flexible, hands-free light bends and folds to shed light wherever you need it.

FLEXiT’s malleable 360-degrees of LED light design can wrap, stand, or hang just about anywhere. You can direct the light so it’s more focused or open it up to shine over a larger area. If you need to draw attention, there’s a hazard flashing setting, too. Their newest model can even be solar powered for the ultimate in convenience.

Whatever the task, you’re basically guaranteed two free hands. Attach FLEXiT to steel surfaces using the magnetic base, then bend it to prop itself up or use the loop to hang it.

Different FLEXiTs offer different brightness levels, but they all have that slim design that folds down flat to store in a backpack or glove compartment.

Whatever the task, you can count on having a nimble, versatile source of light.
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