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A great bargain

7/10/2014 by Brendan

I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking to streamline a bulky wallet...


Flowfold improvements

1/5/2015 by trent

I like them, but I'm gonna have to ween myself into a full fledged mimnimalist. I'm a mediumalist at this point and thus, I needed two of these to hold all my critical stuff. So, I made a mod and hot glued two of them together back to back.

I wish there were a clear faced side so that when your ID is asked for you can flag it without having to pull out.....maybe another mod in the works for that.

Thanks. My two boys love there's and I do as well.


Perhaps too minimal

1/3/2015 by Amy

The quality and construction of this wallet seem very good, but really you can't call it a wallet. It will only hold a few cards and a few bills at the very most. I think it would be more functional - and still very lightweight - if it had an additional pocket on the back, perhaps with the opening going the long way.



9/27/2014 by steven

Only two cards fit. Not sure what ill do with two but there are light.


Not bad

3/31/2014 by Victor

These wallets are a good size and seem fairly durable. My disappointment is that they only have one compartment. Other similar wallets I have used have had a second compartment to hold an ID.


Exactly that

10/14/2016 by Allan

Cool idea but useless. Make a normal sized one.


not quite what i expected

7/9/2016 by louie

to small, easy to misplace, thought it had pocket to seperate cash from cards.


Too flimsy

11/26/2017 by Pam

The wallet is not worth the money. Too flimsy. I bought another wallet offline for five dollars more and the quality doesn’t compare.


How to do this nicely!

2/23/2015 by Patrick

Overpriced, dimensions incorrect, maybe they are the dimensions before sewing. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

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The Flowfold Story

Flowfold - Stronger Than Steel Wallet

Go with the Flow

Built from some of the strongest, lightest, and most resilient fabrics in existence, Flowfold’s carrying gear could outlast you.

As a teen, Chuck Friedman worked a summer job in Maine repairing high tech sails for the world's most elite racing boats. Industrial sewing skills he learned there, mixed with good old New England practicality, led him to construct his first wallet from scraps left on the cutting room floor.

Several years and countless prototypes later, Chuck and friends bootstrapped their way into business. The name Flowfold references layers of rock that fold smoothly over time
without breaking, illustrating their central design philosophy: The strength of flexibility. Before long, the team was producing all kinds of outdoor gear using their unique materials and innovative designs.

The Minimalist Wallet is super simple and slender, while the Vanguard provides just a bit more room with a cash pocket, two hidden card slots and two I.D. windows. The Traveler is ideal for those who need to accommodate more paper, plastic, and international bills. For shelter in a storm, look no further than the ultralight and rugged Stormproof Tote.

Flowfold’s light and durable carrying gear is the perfect choice for those who commute and venture outdoors.
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