FOG Safe

FOG Safe Drain Guard - 3 Pack Case of 12

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It was out of stock you cacelled it

11/1/2019 by Kathleen



Does not work

9/30/2019 by Christina

Used as directed the first time and very little grease was absorbed. Most ran down the drain. On subsequent uses have had to make a cup out of tin foil to catch the grease that drains out the bottom. Would not buy again.



8/19/2019 by Dawn

The fact that this is designed as a drain guard leads one to assume that water moves through it while it captures grease and oils. I was fooled. It stops all water through drain. So you may as well pour your grease and oil into any biodegradable container and do not need to purchase a special container that fits into your sink drain.

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The FOG Safe Story

FOG Safe | Grease & Oil Absorbing Drain Guards

No-Strain Drain

FOG Safe was created by Shawn Santos, a general contractor and rental property manager in Hawaii. After encountering a kitchen drain so clogged with cooking grease that it took almost an hour to clear, Shawn was determined to find a safer way to dispose of kitchen grease. And when he couldn’t find the just-right fix, he decided to make it himself.

The result: FOG Safe, which specifically targets fats, oils, and grease (get it?). Made with recycled paper, each grease catcher fits into a drain—or you can use one on the counter or in the sink—and absorbs up to four ounces of oil (about the amount
of grease from a pound of bacon). Best of all, it gets tossed out in the trash, so drains and pipes stay free and clear. Read More Read Less