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20 Count Box Case of 6

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it!

6/25/2018 by elizabeth

It is amazing


Love it!

6/25/2018 by elizabeth

It is amazing


nice tasting

1/5/2018 by Jennifer

I think it is a little more stimulating than your regular green tea for sure. And certainly without the caffeine jitters. It has a great flavor but I wouldn't necessarily rule out your need for coffee!



10/12/2017 by Vikki

I bought this for my husband who works in a high stress, multi-tasking job. He drinks tea at the office and always says he gets a mental block in the afternoon after lunch. He absolutely loves this tea! He said it tastes delicious and he seems to be better motivated after his afternoon cup of tea. I will be buying more for him!


Great Tea

12/19/2016 by shqipe

I got this for my children who are in college and had a week of finals, they don't like coffee but this helped with the heavy long study hours..


Thank you!

12/14/2016 by Krissa

Our 11-year old son really appreciates this tea, and asked me to reorder it!! What kid does that?? :) He said it really helps him focus at school and make it through the afternoon. THANK YOU!!!


Really helped me feel more mental energy!

10/1/2016 by Laurie

This has helped me have more mental clarity and energy. It requires a longer time to steep (7-11 minutes) but it never gets bitter. I found it to be quite tasty.


Great taste

6/20/2016 by Diane

Whether this tea helps my mind, I don't know, but it is great tasting and very calming


Love this!

12/7/2015 by Paula

Arrived promptly.
Tea is awesome, will definitely reorder!


Good Tea

10/2/2015 by Marsha

This tea had a lovely smooth taste to it. I couldn't tell that it increased my energy, but it did taste good.

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The CogniTea Story

CogniTea - Mental Acuity Tea

Refreshingly refreshing

The founder of CogniTea, Alex Kravets, didn’t like the jittery, hyper feeling he experienced from coffee and energy drinks. While researching healthier alternatives, Alex learned that stimulants like coffee and energy drinks can actually promote beta brain waves resulting in feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension—not exactly a recipe for productivity.

So, Alex set out to create an all-natural tea designed to promote clarity and focus. CogniTea contains organic, fair-trade, natural ingredients including an amino acid extracted from Green Tea called L-Theanine that together have been shown to
produce alpha brain waves which reduce stress, as well as improve alertness, focus, creative thinking, and cognitive performance. Milled, blended, and packaged in the United States, CogniTea has a light herbal mint flavor and undertones of green and black tea. According to our testers, CogniTea tastes as refreshing as the company motto: “I can, I will.” Now, the only question is, will you? Read More Read Less