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12" Silicone Splatter Guard Case of 12

Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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6/16/2019 by Carlene

Love to cook, hate to clean up - the Frywall is perfect!


Fantastic, Indispensable Kitchen Utility Invention!

5/22/2019 by CML

When I first saw this, wondered how the simplicity of this invention could really work. Am constantly cleaning up our 6 burner gas stove so ordered 2 different sizes. Absolutely & positively can say without any reservation that this totally does the job! Literally fried chicken w/the big one and had not one single splatter onto the cooktop. Love that they're silicone - easy to clean, roll up for storage and are different colors making it easy to pick the right size. Whoever invented this deserves a gold medal!! Love it!!


Great Product!

2/13/2019 by Sandra

I loved the 10-inch splatter guard so much I had to have the 12-inch! It’s perfect for my largest cookware during large family gatherings. Fried fish and hush puppy grease now stay in the pot! Highly recommend!


Good idea

2/13/2019 by Susan

I love the splatter guard have it in two sizes clean up is a breeze when used and it’s easy to clean.


Great stove saver

2/2/2019 by Lee

Great kitchen tool. Makes searing almost mess-free! Love it.


Finally! A solution to splatter

10/19/2018 by Katherine

This is such a smart solution to splatter on the stove when frying food. Clean up is now so easy!


Great Product

10/18/2018 by Deb

Works just like it says. Keeps my stovetop clean.


Fantastic purchase

9/24/2018 by Ilona

Just moved into a home with an electric stove. Every time I make burgers, it is a complete mess. Just finished dinner and the stove is spotless thanks to my new “Frywall”.


love it

8/8/2018 by betty

and my kitchen stove loves it, too.


I wish I'd had this sooner!

7/26/2018 by Kathryn

This works perfectly in my 12" pan. It's great for when I cook something that splatters, and protects both my stovetop and our floor from errant grease and sauce. I'm only 5'2", but I'm still able to easily reach over the edge of it to stir and turn. This is also quite easy to clean by hand. I highly recommend this!!

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The Frywall Story

Like grease on your counters? Don’t click here.

Stop the splatter

With this silicone splatter guard inside the rim of any pot or pan, spattering and sizzling food won’t spray out.

Frywall keeps all the sautéing, frying, and marinating food contained even as it’s exposed to high temperatures. And even though the walls are high (kind of like a dog cone over your pan), the soft silicone is angled for easy access to the food. So you can flip, brown, and sear . . . while your shirt, kitchen, and you stay protected.

To clean, soap and rinse Frywall or stick it in the dishwasher. The silicone collapses down flat to save space when it’s stored.

Keep the counter tidy
and the path straight—from the pan to your plate. Read More Read Less