Removable Tile Building Surface Kit Case of 6

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Briks do not fit on tiles

7/6/2020 by Barbara

This seemed so promising. Our 6 year old sat down immediately to start putting Briks on the tile to make a design. Problem! She could not get the teeny, teeny Briks to affix to the tile base.

We jumped in and tried also. Nope. The only way we could get a tiny Brik to clamp onto the tile base was to gently pound it with a hammer. Well...we weren't giving the little girl a hammer to each piece. This was supposed to be fun for her, not frustrating effort.

It's going back. Such a shame. Did the inventors actually test drive the Briks to make sure they would easily clamp onto the Tile base?

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The BRIK Story

Parents, here’s a toy you can’t trip over.

Building Bricks

Brik Tiles let kids get artistic on virtually any flat surface. The tiles turn a wall, table, door, or almost anything smooth into a pegged canvas they can decorate with their own colorful brick masterpiece.

The tiles are removable and reusable. So you can stick them on walls, furniture—even the fridge door—without any worry or damage. The set comes with its own building bricks, but they’re also compatible with ones you might have at home, like LEGO, KREO, and Mega Bloks.

When they aren’t entertaining kids, Brik Tiles can be used to configure more functional contraptions (e.g., brick clips let
you hang drawings or pictures from the tile).

By moving play areas off the ground, parents will appreciate the clear (toy-less) floor space. We think they might even enjoy creating brick installments of their own, too.
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