The Brushies

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Kids love it

7/20/2020 by Nancy

So glad to order and get the kids involved with brushing...good story


my daughter loves these!

9/15/2018 by Alexandra

Totally worth it for us. Getting my 18 month old to tolerate us brushing her teeth before was very difficult and we were struggling. Now tooth-brushing time is a fun activity for everyone. My daughter especially loves using this and brushing her own teeth, and she loves the book.


Super present

8/10/2017 by Martha

This was a fantastic present. The little girl loved it & so did the parents.


What a difference these brushes made!

6/12/2017 by Debra

This book and finger brushes are genius. My grandbaby has gone from throwing a fit when asked to brush teeth to enjoying the experience.
Deb G.


Just what was wanted

5/6/2017 by Martha

I bought this as a fun gift & everyone said it was very well received by both parents & the child. I would buy it again for another child.


Cute brushing fun

5/3/2017 by Will

Got these for our two grandsons, they really like the Brushies. It helps to make brushing their teeth a fun experience. The design of the Brushies is great, perfect size and the different colors help them to know which ones are theirs.


smaller sizes please

9/26/2017 by JC

I have a 3 year old and almost 1 year old. I think a brush that could nicely fit one of my smaller fingers or my toddler's fingers would be a nice addition to set.


Great start

8/13/2017 by Rose

These are an excellent alternative to toothbrushes for babies. Two problems: 1) it's hard to aim the brushes inside the mouth, so it would be a better product if the brushes went all the way around. 2) when the baby bites, it goes right through to your finger. A bit more stability in the tube would be appreciated.

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The Brushies Story

Tooth-brushing turned entertainment.

First Brush

More than a baby toothbrush, The Brushies are colorful characters who are eager to help kids embrace brushing.

These Made in the USA, food-grade puppets can put on a show—easily narrated with a related storybook—that engages little ones. Not only will it help them understand the need to brush and how to do it, it just might lessen their all-too-common resistance.

Moms Hilary Fritsch and Colleen Crowley combined their expertise in psychology and dentistry to transform this mundane task into an imaginative adventure.

It’s never too early to usher in good routines. Kids can start as early as four
weeks (with help from Mom or Dad) and use Brushies all the way up to four years old. By then, they’ll be glad to graduate to big kid brushes. Read More Read Less