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Cheese Wrap

7/26/2018 by Trisha

Great wrapping paper for cheeses and other delicate foods. Keeps them fresher longer.


Great product!

5/23/2018 by Heather

I love this product! It keeps us from throwing away expensive cheese.


wish I knew about this sooner

8/23/2017 by Melody

This cheese paper keeps our cheese well, it does turn moldy so quickly anymore.


Excellent cheese wrapping

6/21/2016 by Elaine

These papers were a gift to our family-cheese-maker. He gave them high marks.


Freshness for my finer cheeses

1/2/2015 by Melissa

I hesitated buying finer cheese that we weren't going to eat within 24 hours as it seemed that they 'turned' before we finished them. Now I can buy the cheeses in preparation for upcoming events without the worry of dry spots or 'slick' spots.


Awesome product!

11/29/2014 by Barbarah

I purchased this product because I hate wasting money on food. So far both the cheese paper and the bags have worked great. They do what they say they do and my cheese is no longer going bad! I highly recommend this product and will absolutely keep purchasing it in the future.


it really works wonderfully!!

1/30/2014 by Jennifer

This stuff is wonderful. And it does what it says. Ive noticed my cheese isn't hard and crumbly,and it preserves the taste much longer then regular wrappings. I'm glad I bought this. It really is wonderful And I think its fitting that its made in France


Just an Idea

12/21/2013 by Gregg

It would be nice if it were on a roll (like wax paper) so we could cut the paper to size.
I'm ordering it anyway. I LOVE cheese!


They're ok

3/19/2015 by Margo

Not as great as the Cheese bags but still a good product.


Cheese paper

10/31/2019 by Sandy

It was ok. Had an issue keeping the cheese wrapped and it did t keep it as fresh as I expected.

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The Formaticum Story

Formaticum - European style cheese paper

It's a Wrap

Calling all cheese lovers—if you want to keep that wedge of brie creamy and full of flavor, it’s time to stop suffocating it in plastic wrap.

Do as the French do and keep it fresh with a two-ply cheese paper called Formaticum made in where else but France.

While everyday non-porous food storage solutions block oxygen and trap humidity killing cheese and accelerating the growth of mold, Fomaticum wicks away moisture and delivers oxygen to maintain flavor and prevent spoilage. The results are nothing short of delicious.