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7/23/2020 by Lisa

during the holidays especially we have a lot of interesting cheeses. these bags helps to keep the cheese in good shape for longer than a plastic bag.


good cheese wraps

7/20/2020 by Patricia

i store opened cheese in these bags and it really does help the cheese last longer.


Great cheese savers!

7/20/2020 by Margaret

I really think these bags are the greatest! If you like cheese and want to keep it as fresh as possible for as long as possible, there is no substitute for these. I highly recommend them.



6/13/2020 by Bookworm

A great way to store cheddar so it doesn’t dry out or get moldy.


pricey but worth it

12/28/2019 by Elly

Great product but I would add seals that come with the individual cheese storage papers.


Cheese Saver

11/14/2019 by Kathy

These bags are great for storing cheeses. I've always had trouble with the cheese molding before I used it all. I have not had to throw away any cheese I've stored in these bags.



8/26/2019 by oravia

I spend a lot of money on my cheeses . This product let's me enjoy them longer .


My friend was thrilled.

6/26/2019 by Debra

She immediately took all her cheese out of frig. And repackaged it.


Cheeese storage bags

2/10/2019 by Kathy

Great product. Works well


Use these every day

1/4/2019 by Nancy

Love these. Cheese stays fresh.

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The Formaticum Story

Formaticum - European style cheese paper

It's a Wrap

Calling all cheese lovers—if you want to keep that wedge of brie creamy and full of flavor, it’s time to stop suffocating it in plastic wrap.

Do as the French do and keep it fresh with a two-ply cheese paper called Formaticum made in where else but France.

While everyday non-porous food storage solutions block oxygen and trap humidity killing cheese and accelerating the growth of mold, Fomaticum wicks away moisture and delivers oxygen to maintain flavor and prevent spoilage. The results are nothing short of delicious.