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8" Silicone Splatter Guard Case of 12

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love it!

6/27/2019 by Rita

This really cuts down on the time that I have to spend "degreasing" the stove. There is still a tiny bit of splatter but I can deal with it. The best part is that I can take it off the pan and put it right into the top rack of the dishwasher.


Impressed with the results

12/27/2018 by Alangue

I brought these ones for my mom. Because I realize when she fry something always burn her self (she’s 83 years old) so, I decided to try... well, let me tell you in the beginning we have a little trouble, for the high, but then, we see the difference without and we love it. And the stove... remains clean ;-)


No splatter!

8/27/2018 by Mary

I bought the larger Frywall first, to protect my new stove. It did a fantastic job keeping the splatter off the stove. So. . . I ordered the smaller one, too.


Excellent Product

6/24/2018 by Nellie

I am so happy with all the sizes of the Frywall. I originally purchased the 12" and the 10" and when the 8" was available. I had to get it. Why? They work just as advertised to control the splatter and to keep my stove clean. I liked it so much that I tell my friends about it. Is well design, good materials. Great innovation for the kitchen.


Yes it does work

6/24/2018 by KATHERINE

What a time saver. I am going to get another one.


Love Splatter Shields

6/9/2018 by Martha

I just had to order the 8" splatter shields since I also have the larger size ones. I do the cooking and hubby cleans up so anything that reduces the clean up is greatly appreciated by him. Thank you for making the smaller size.


Keeps stovetop clean

6/26/2019 by Miriam

Works as advertised, but bulky in cupboard



9/29/2018 by Virginia

Well it was nice but when I used it grease still p
Pop out just a little. An than I had to drain
My hamburger meat but other than that it’s a keeper.


Great at the beginning

6/2/2019 by MARTA

This splatter guard is amazing when it's still new. However, when used frequently, it will start to rip and crumble at the bottom edge. It will also become loose and ill fitted and will slide out of the pan which is pretty dangerous when dealing with high heat. It absorbs grease very well, so even after good cleaning, grease residue stays on it and it is impossible to clean thoroughly. Other than that, it does its job pretty well.


Don't buy

6/26/2019 by Sheri

The opening at the bottom is too small and you can't do anything like flip an egg etc.

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The Frywall Story

Like grease on your counters? Don’t click here.

Stop the splatter

With this silicone splatter guard inside the rim of any pot or pan, spattering and sizzling food won’t spray out.

Frywall keeps all the sautéing, frying, and marinating food contained even as it’s exposed to high temperatures. And even though the walls are high (kind of like a dog cone over your pan), the soft silicone is angled for easy access to the food. So you can flip, brown, and sear . . . while your shirt, kitchen, and you stay protected.

To clean, soap and rinse Frywall or stick it in the dishwasher. The silicone collapses down flat to save space when it’s stored.

Keep the counter tidy
and the path straight—from the pan to your plate. Read More Read Less