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Gear Beast

Universal Smartphone Lanyard Case of 5

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Very helpful

2/26/2019 by Trina

Very handy and useful. I use it instead of paying for a service like Medical Alert in case of emergencies. The only problem I have with it is it goes over my volume buttons so it sometimes mutes the volume. ( that can be a blessing in disguise to not hear it ringing with telemarketing calls that get through)


Keeps my hands free

2/25/2019 by Kent

I love how this keeps my hands free while I perform networking issues with cat5 cables.


Love this product!

2/24/2019 by DIANE

I bought the lanyard to hold my phone instead of putting it in my pocket or purse. Sometimes I don't have a pants pocket, so I end up putting it in my coat pocket or leaving it on the console in the car. None of these options are ideal but the lanyard is!
I know where it is at all times, I'm not trying to dig it out of a pocket and I don't have to worry about dropping it! Thank you for this-I love it!


Great Product

2/24/2019 by Beverly

I got this to use during my volunteer work and when I am out in the yard. It is working great and other volunteers have asked where I got it. No more putting it in my back pocket and then sitting on it and breaking my screen.


My fave phone folder

2/24/2019 by Phyllis

I love this phone holder. It keeps me from losing my phone which used to happen often. I keep the phone upside down so it is easy to pull up and look at it so for that reason, I hope someday the company makes a version with the card holder turned the opposite way so my card will not fall out. Why I do not carry cards in mine. I do love this. My saving grace for my phone. I have purchased others for gifts as well.


I like it

2/24/2019 by Cindi

Great for the days I don't have pockets.


Telephone Holder

2/23/2019 by Loveitsew

it is just perfect. It is exactly what I needed.


great gift!!

2/22/2019 by MaryAnn

I bought 2 of these for friends, and they both really like them. One was for a friend that goes to the gym, and the other was for someone that always puts his phone down somewhere and kept losing it.



2/18/2019 by Mary

Use it on my daily walk. Room for my id in addition to my phone. No pockets, no problem.


Fits nicely in a purse and easy to use.

2/17/2019 by Candace

Love it. I wore it to a meeting and two people asked where I got it!

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The Gear Beast Story

Gear Beast | Smartphone Lanyard

Hands-Free Hold

Makers Jonathan Magasanik, Joon Park, and RJ Theodore originally made this smartphone lanyard to keep phones safe, secure, and out of a snowbank for skiers riding the chairlift. The trio quickly realized the uses for Gear Beast went far beyond the slopes.

The lightweight and flexible silicone lanyard holds a phone anytime you want your hands free but your phone handy, like at festivals, concerts, sporting events, or when you’re spending time outdoors. It’s also a great way for seniors to keep their phone accessible in case of emergencies.

The silicone holder stretches to fit most phones—even
ones with a case—and has space to hold credit cards or cash. Wear it lanyard-style around your neck, on your wrist, or clipped to a bag or belt loop. Now your phone is safe and right there when you need it. Read More Read Less