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Gear Beast

Universal Smartphone Lanyard Case of 5

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Pretty good

9/13/2018 by Julie

Works well but can be heavy around your neck. Would prefer it if longer (or better yet, adjustable!) so could wear cross body style for walking/excercise


love the convenience of handsfree

9/12/2018 by shawn

i love the idea of having my phone hanging off of my lanyard at work. i also love the pocket in the back to hold business cards. the only drawback is, i find myself constantly moving the straps that wraps around to the front of the phone. it is in the way of commonly used buttons in the corners of the display. if there was a work around for this, i would be buying these as gifts for everyone, i so wanted this to work. unfortunately i have been moving away from using it because of this issue. where in the beginning, i thiought i could do everything with one hand, but it takes a second hand to move the strap covering the location on the screen i need to touch. so i have been putting the phone back in my pocket again. i believe your on to something great! i’ll be watching for any changes.


Doesn't work well for smaller Android phones

9/11/2018 by Catherine

The parts in the front cover the 'back' button & the 'switch screens' button on my smaller Samsung Galaxy J3. With larger phones this might not be a problem...


Too Small For My Phone

9/4/2018 by Diana

I measured my phone and it should have fit however my iPhone 8+ and case were a bit more than this could handle. I will end up giving this to someone with a smaller phone. If they ever make a jumbo version I would be interested though!


Not designed for LG5 phone

9/1/2018 by Corinne

As the on/ off button is located on the back of my LG5 phone, it is covered up by the rubber on this device--so I gave my lanyard away to someone with a different phone.


Good idea.... but

8/26/2018 by Ann

I like the idea of a lanyard for my phone, but my phone doesn't work with it. It does stretch to fit around my phone. However, it covers the buttons on my phone.


Cord needs to be longer so it could be worn crossbody!

8/26/2018 by Carla

The cord needs to be 18” linger so it could be worn crossbody. I live in the country and wear it outside. Phone bangs around when just hung around neck

Another cord of length provided could be used to lengthen it!


Easy to use but not comfortable.

8/25/2018 by Anne

I used this to hold my phone when I went to a Disney park. It was easy to slip my phone into the loop and it stayed securely. The plastic lanyard was not comfortable against my neck - it is still summer and we are sleeveless! I also don’t think the small pocket would be a safe place to put valuables.


It was the perfect solution.

8/23/2018 by Sharon Kraft

Unable to use 1 hand after stroke I became clumsy getting my phone out of purse. It worked great for for me 1 week until the plastic loop broke. Hoping to return it for a replacement. I love it.


Not designed for Galaxy S9

8/22/2018 by Leslie

The camera lens and finger sensor lie directly under the central silicone panel. I bought the lanyard to be able to take photos without digging in my purse for the phone. That part works fine, but if I can't get a picture through the lens it loses most utility.

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The Gear Beast Story

Gear Beast | Smartphone Lanyard

Hands-Free Hold

Makers Jonathan Magasanik, Joon Park, and RJ Theodore originally made this smartphone lanyard to keep phones safe, secure, and out of a snowbank for skiers riding the chairlift. The trio quickly realized the uses for Gear Beast went far beyond the slopes.

The lightweight and flexible silicone lanyard holds a phone anytime you want your hands free but your phone handy, like at festivals, concerts, sporting events, or when you’re spending time outdoors. It’s also a great way for seniors to keep their phone accessible in case of emergencies.

The silicone holder stretches to fit most phones—even
ones with a case—and has space to hold credit cards or cash. Wear it lanyard-style around your neck, on your wrist, or clipped to a bag or belt loop. Now your phone is safe and right there when you need it. Read More Read Less