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Gear Beast

Universal Smartphone Lanyard Case of 5

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Stretches out

11/12/2018 by Era

I almost lost my IPhone several times because the phone kept falling out of the bands. The bands seem to stretch out after about a month and this will not hold the phone anymore. I loved this until my phone kept falling out of the bands to the ground.I hope to this item can be improved with thicker bands.


Good Concept & Design, Inferior Material

11/9/2018 by Diane

After very little use, the lanyard broke. I have an older smart phone that is rather heavy. Luckily my phone was not damaged when the lanyard broke. I do not think this product was adequately tested before marketed. I also feel the part encasing the phone will also soon give out. I bought two planning to give the second one to a friend as a gift. I will not be doing this as I will not give her something she should not use as it could cause her phone to fall and be damaged. I would like my money back for these two lanyards. If you want them tested, you should be paying me to test them not me paying you. Thank you.


As Expected

11/3/2018 by MJ

I have seen these cheaper but was placing an order anyway, so why not.


Not what I envisioned

10/19/2018 by Karen

Seems like a good idea, and the concept is great. In practice, not so much. The lengths making the lanyard are too long, and I haven't found a way to shorten them, and make it stay. I'm afraid it will come apart in the back, around my neck and drop my phone on the ground. That can be secured with a little creativity. Just wish it was a little shorter.



9/28/2018 by margi

I returned this grommet as it was unable to be worn crossbody, and unfortunately you cannot purchase extensions. It can ONLY be worn as shown in the photo. Too bad... the idea was great, could’ve been more functional with a strat that could be adjusted for wearing comfort.


It is ok

9/5/2018 by Theresa Bates

It work ok on my Samsung S9. The back where it has the pocket block my camera so I had to completely take it off in order to take a picture. I also didn't like the rubber feel it has on my neck. I bought some else


Plus & minus

8/29/2018 by Cindy

I like the convenience but there are two problems. Cell phones have a good hand weight but hanging around your neck is somewhat heavy. Also, it acts as a weight on a cord and swings about with body movement. When you have a shoulder bag and water bottle in hand (see photo) the phone is loosely swinging and able to bang into things. I'm trying to come up with a way to affix it to my shirt with an easy release. I purchased one for myself and one for my husband but until we can remedy the "swing" they will not be used.


almost useless

8/26/2018 by Debbie

I only use it when I am gardening. Works well for that, but other wise I have found that having my phone hanging from my neck is uncomfortable.


Not what I expected

8/21/2018 by Gwendolyn

I have been looking for a hands free carrier for a while. When I was this one, I ordered one for myself and one for my husband. It would be great if our phones were smaller. The carrier weighs down on my neck from the weight of the phone and it moves back and forth when walking. We have 7plus iPhones so they aren’t as big as some phones, but with the protective cases, they are a little too bulky to wear around the neck. My husband took his phone out of the case to see if that would belt. While it helped a bit, it still wasn’t ideal. Both of us have stopped using the necklace/lanyard.


Sorry, wasn't good!

8/20/2018 by Beverly

I have a 8 + IPhone it not that confordable for the larger phones pulls around back of neck and i'm always trying to adjust it, probably does better for smaller phones. also my shoulder length hair gets caught up.

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The Gear Beast Story

Gear Beast | Smartphone Lanyard

Hands-Free Hold

Makers Jonathan Magasanik, Joon Park, and RJ Theodore originally made this smartphone lanyard to keep phones safe, secure, and out of a snowbank for skiers riding the chairlift. The trio quickly realized the uses for Gear Beast went far beyond the slopes.

The lightweight and flexible silicone lanyard holds a phone anytime you want your hands free but your phone handy, like at festivals, concerts, sporting events, or when you’re spending time outdoors. It’s also a great way for seniors to keep their phone accessible in case of emergencies.

The silicone holder stretches to fit most phones—even
ones with a case—and has space to hold credit cards or cash. Wear it lanyard-style around your neck, on your wrist, or clipped to a bag or belt loop. Now your phone is safe and right there when you need it. Read More Read Less