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Gear Beast

Universal Smartphone Lanyard Case of 5

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Broke before I left the house

3/23/2019 by Virginia

This looked like a handy item. It snapped as I was puttin my phone in it. Never left the house.



3/14/2019 by Pam

I bought these as gifts, phones seem to be too big for this lanyard. Was told the phones are too heavy and make wearing the lanyard too uncomfortable


Don’t Buy

3/12/2019 by Angela

It broke in less than a month. Need to be able to adjust
length. It swings down too low. I bought 15 for Christmas gifts & told them to be careful. I was lucky to catch my phone before it hit the ground. Great idea


It's unusable for me

3/10/2019 by Gary

Like the look of it thought It would be very functional. But alas poor Yorick I was wrong. I have a Samsung S4 phone what's the thing on the back to hold my phone in my hand this lanyard covers it up it also covers up the camera if I want to take pictures so no this is not the best invention ever sorry Gary Vee


Had to throw it away first day

2/24/2019 by Roger

I am very disappointed in my smartphone lanyard. It broke the first time I tried to put my phone into it. I didn't bother returning it as I was so disgusted I threw it into the trash. Enough said about how I like it.


Good idea, but it didn’t work for me.

2/23/2019 by Hannah

Nope. Didn’t work for me, at all! My iPhone is too heavy, as it turns out, and swung about with basic walking. And, it took my cat, left alone with the phone and the gear beast, only seconds to chew through the rings. So, yup, it’s a solid bust for me, which is too bad. It’s a good idea that just didn’t work.


Too heavy

2/14/2019 by Winanne

Inserting my cell phone into the lanyard worked well and was easy. It held my iPhone 7 securely. However the weight of the phone caused my head/neck to bend forward uncomfortably. The heaviness of the phone also caused it to bounce around uncomfortably when I walked. Great idea but didn't work for me.


Did not work for me

2/13/2019 by Erica

My iPhone would not fit into it easily. Was not worth the trouble to try and work with it.


Poor buy for a I phone 7

2/13/2019 by Judy

I bought this for a gift and decided to keep it myself for walking. It is not universal. As I tried to place my I phone in the Lanyard it broke. Not worth trying to send it back


not so "universal" for a Samsung Android phone

2/10/2019 by Sheila

I bought this for my daughter who has a toddler and infant, and was so excited to give it to her. Unfortunately, the Lanyard is not so "universal". The part that attaches to the phone covers the camera lens on a Samsung phone rendering the Lanyard impractical. The word "universal" to me means it should allow all features of a phone to be accessible when it's attached on any phone. It will hold your phone, but forget about taking pictures with your Samsung phone. I should have taken a closer look at the pictures and noticed that they showed an Iphone in their photos, but I was so excited to find it that the word "universal" made me think it would work with her phone. If there was a list anywhere about which phones it would work with, I overlooked it. Next time, I won't jump the gun until I carefully examine something that says "universal".

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The Gear Beast Story

Gear Beast | Smartphone Lanyard

Hands-Free Hold

Makers Jonathan Magasanik, Joon Park, and RJ Theodore originally made this smartphone lanyard to keep phones safe, secure, and out of a snowbank for skiers riding the chairlift. The trio quickly realized the uses for Gear Beast went far beyond the slopes.

The lightweight and flexible silicone lanyard holds a phone anytime you want your hands free but your phone handy, like at festivals, concerts, sporting events, or when you’re spending time outdoors. It’s also a great way for seniors to keep their phone accessible in case of emergencies.

The silicone holder stretches to fit most phones—even
ones with a case—and has space to hold credit cards or cash. Wear it lanyard-style around your neck, on your wrist, or clipped to a bag or belt loop. Now your phone is safe and right there when you need it. Read More Read Less