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Love it

7/21/2020 by Karen

This bag is awesome!! Fits all my electronics in one place.


Great doesn’t cover its usefulness!

12/6/2019 by Carolyn D

I originally bought this for my husband for a trip, but now it has morphed into his daily briefcase


Excited to try this!

11/23/2019 by Linda

Sturdy bag with lots of options for everything you might need on a flight!


Won't travel without it!

3/31/2019 by Renee

I enjoyed using this genius bag so much that I bought one for my daughter and my sister-in-law. In this day of limited carry-on space, it's wonderful to have all my needed items in one place for easy access. No more digging under the seat to get something.


Great Bag

3/7/2019 by Karen

I purchased this after a long flight overseas but I have since used it to travel in the US. It really keeps everything within reach and keeps you organized. I was carrying a LV tote and it easily slipped inside as we boarded and de-planed, My other half loves his too. Enjoy it!!! I had my magazines, kindle, phone, earphones, puzzle books and my Mac all within reach.



2/4/2019 by Susan

This product was reconnected to me by a coworker who does quite a bit of long distance travel. I was heading to Hong Kong ( my first real long distance flight). This bag made it very easy to access anything you may need during the flight. You can also use this as your purse. I bought one for my friend who was traveling with me . She travels quite a bit and was also happy with this bag. I feel Grommet had the best price and by buying 2 I had no shipping which was another reason I bought the bags from Grommet.


High Altitude Flight Bag

1/12/2019 by Linda

My Husband loved it.!!!


this is great.

7/25/2018 by Callie

Worked well for travel.


Traveling to Australia

2/12/2018 by Kimberly

I used mine for the first time traveling to Australia. Works as advertised. I love this thing.
Just a note, you have to stow it during take off and landing.


Best thing since sliced bread.

2/6/2018 by Maryann

SO I had written a really long review explaining why But I was not logged in and urghhh.
This is a good purchase. I am very pleased. because it fits my magazines, water bottle. 2 cell phones, a morphie and wireless card; makeup bag and heavy everyday wallet. The bag is high quality- feels good to the touch and the straps are wide enough. I will be checking out the rest of the collection of bags.

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The Genius Pack Story

Genuis Pack - Functional Luggage

Smart Start

Frequent flyers know: organization is the key to packing for travel. Reflecting the philosophy that "there's a place for everything and everything should be in its place," the luggage from Genius Pack does the thinking for you, and all you need to do is pack.

The High Altitude Flight Bag stores all your in-flight necessities and keeps them at arm’s reach. It slips over the handle of your carry on and even wraps around the plane’s tray table—your passport, charger, tablet, magazines and more stay accessible and organized.

And the Carry On is also a convenient, must-have companion. Need to
charge your phone? There's a battery pack stored in your carry on. Want to keep dirty clothes away from clean? There’s a separate compartment for them, with a Laundry Compression feature that presses all the air out, leaving you more room. An integrated toiletry bag, umbrella, water bottle storage, and even a last minute checklist are all included, too. Read More Read Less