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Round Lids Case of 6

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Great product

6/6/2020 by Pamela

Versatile, doesn't take up a lot of space. Very useful.


Absolutely genius!

7/20/2019 by Jean

Effective snug seal if used with hot things, easy off hot or cold. Stack flat or use a good magnet and attach to the fridge. I love these things!



7/1/2019 by carol

I LOVE em!!


Easy Peary lid

6/26/2019 by Nancy

It works!


will be ordering more!

4/1/2019 by Debra

The 4" round lid fits perfectly over cup to keep coffee hotter longer. Also covers small pyrex cup that lost it's lid. Has good suction and easy pull tab.


Terrific item!!

3/17/2019 by Dori

I ordered all the sizes and have used all of them already. Used the largest size as a lid to brown pork chops in a frypan, then covered the baking dish I added the pork chops to and put in the oven to make pork chops and rice. When done I again used the lid to cover the baking dish and put it in the refrigerator. Have used the other sizes to cover bowls when microwaving, to cover my coffee cup (keeps coffee warm longer than the plastic cover I had been using) and to cover bowls I was putting in the refrigerator. Am so happy I purchased all the sizes. Great product and so quick and easy to wash!



2/13/2019 by Susan

These have so many uses from in the microwave to keeping food warm until you serve it then right on in the refrigerator. Clean up is a breeze it’s silicone. I’m a believer of all Get it Right products.


Amazing lids

7/30/2018 by Mickey

I purchased the 10 inch lid to try out. It came really fast and I happened to have an old Tupperware bowl sitting on the counter. I unwrapped the lid, placed it on the bowl and picked up the whole thing by the top handle! Wow, it works great! Such a wonderful idea. I think I need more sizes now. Thank you.


Love the design

7/26/2018 by Angelica

Very useful for the cups, you know, when you want your milk warm and you use the microwave. Or if you just want to cover your cup or plate.


These lids are great

5/16/2018 by JAN

I have the 12.5 and the 6 inch. Perfect for bowls AND my dinner plate. I like to make an extra plate of food, and put in the refrigerator for a quick second meal. Better than suing another sheet of Glad wrap. I will probably buy more.

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The Get It Right Story

Get It Right - Ultimate Kitchen Tools

Recipe for Success

Get It Right is on a mission to solve common kitchen problems—for good. When it comes to cooking, the right equipment can make all the difference.

Tired of metal handles that were too hot to hold and wooden handles that warped in the dishwasher, designer Samantha Rose first tackled the spatula. Her unibody design was a big improvement, with nowhere for food to get stuck or bacteria to grow.

Made of pharmaceutical-grade silicone, Get It Right’s tools and gadgets are heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and durable. Perfectly flip a pancake with spatulas that stay cool. Seal up a bowl or pan with
reusable, flexible lids that work from fridge to microwave to stove. Mix a sturdy dough or delicate sauce with ease.

Your culinary complications are about to meet their match.
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