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Very handy to have..and use!

6/30/2020 by Rena

No more having the purse...or whatever you placed on the seat.....fly off on the floor!!


I love it!

6/2/2020 by Anne

The Handbag Handcuff is one of the best things I have ever bought. It keeps my bag handy and also keeps it from falling on the floorboard if I have to stop quickly when the driver ahead of me decides to make a quick turn and doesn't signal!


Great Accessory

3/23/2020 by Nicolette

This is much easier to use than a carabiner clip. I didn't realize it was so big but that is why it is easy to use.


Terrific Solution!

2/21/2020 by Elizabeth

This is a wonderful answer to my problem of my purse flying off the seat next to me when a crazy driver slams on the brakes for no apparent reason! It's right next to my seat and makes it handy to reach over to get my cell phone quickly. Love it!



2/2/2020 by Nancy

Keeps things in their place. A little on the expensive side, but it is well made and nothing flimsy about it. I would definitely recommend this quality item.


All Secure

1/18/2020 by Linda

I love this item and it has been well received as a gift. I would like to have it a bit longer to accommodate short strapped handbags.


Wife loves it

1/5/2020 by Floyd

I bought this item as a Christmas stocking stuffer for my wife. She is always placing her purse on the floor of the car and invariably it falls over. Plus, it is in the way when we go together in the car. Now, it hangs upright and out of the way without falling over.


Handy helper

1/4/2020 by Lisa

I bought this apprehensively because of the price. However, when it was delivered, it is much bigger than I thought which is why it's the price it is. This device is extremely handy getting all my plastic shopping bags into the house. I can't wait to take into the city when we go shopping with the different style shollong bags. Probably going to buy another two, one that will stay in the car and one for the kamp. The one I have now is staying in my purse for me.


Loving my cuff!

1/4/2020 by Kathy

The only thing I would change is that the ‘cuffs’ would be a bit larger/elongated. As in this picture when you have a purse with larger straps it is harder to get the straps out of the cuff. It needs a bit more open space to get the handles out when opening the latch. But I’m very happy I purchased this item! Lots of color choices and my purse doesn’t fly around my car seat anymore!


Great gift

1/3/2020 by sancalgal

I bought one for my sister for Christmas. She loves it, says it fits her headrest without interfering with it. She also loves the little stretch loop inside the handle, as it stretches enough to loop through her computer carry bag. I also think it will work to connect a dog harness to the seat belt for those long distance trips. Buy one, and see its versatility for yourself.

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The Handbag Handcuff Story

Handbag Handcuff - Handbag Problem-Solver

Cuff your stuff

Women choose their handbags carefully, often spending a small fortune on them. Yet, in the car or in a restaurant, the only place for the bags we love is on a dirty floor. Now you can give your pocketbook a little pick me up with the Handbag Handcuff, the perfect complement to your favorite purse.

Tired of watching her handbag tumble off the front seat and spill every time she hit the brakes, busy mom Beth Corets decided to do something about it. The idea for the Handbag Handcuff came to her while driving, so it's only natural that she sketched the design right then and there in her car.

smart, stylish accessory works just as great as it looks. In the car, simply cuff one carabiner to the passenger headrest post and the other to the strap of your bag to keep it in place. In a restaurant, hook it to the back of your chair. The Handbag Handcuff can also help protect your personal items from loss, or worse, sticky fingers, when clipped to your grocery cart, baby stroller, or to your luggage while traveling. Designed to hold up and do no harm, the Handbag Handcuff pouch is composed of vegan-friendly materials and the hardware is of made of zinc alloy, free of cadmium and lead.

You carry your life in your handbag, you may as well keep it safe and secure.
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