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The Perfect Black and Tan

Beer Layering Tool Case of 20

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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6/27/2019 by JENNIFER

Use it all the time.



7/30/2018 by Kevin

Well received.


Great product

7/25/2018 by Deborah

Great gift item. Something different.


great purchase!

7/25/2018 by Amanda

loved it thanks again


Does as advertised

7/25/2018 by Paul

Perfect black and tans every time


Love it

5/15/2018 by Clayborn

This is great the way it can separate different beers is cool gives your drink a certain look and taste you just cant beat


makes a good half & half

12/30/2017 by Michael

looks like a professional make my drink


Great tool for a dark tan

12/8/2017 by Judy

Worked very well and liked my drink also!


Wedding Gift

8/23/2017 by Margaret

Must have to go with Sempli: BirraTaste Collection


Perfect Bruised Pear

6/29/2017 by Kimberly

I can now pour a beautiful Bruised Pear at home using canned Guinness and pear cider. Thanks for this handy tool.

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The Perfect Black and Tan Story

Balance one beer on another.

Pair Your Brews

Layered beers create a distinctive look and a more complex flavor. But making one can take serious bartending skills.

John Deboer created this beer layering tool so beer lovers can create these combinations easily at home.

The secret is to have a bottom beer that’s denser than the one on top. A stout and a lager are the traditional combo, but there are lots of variations that balance different flavors, like a cider and stout. With the tool in place on your pint glass, all you need to do is pour slowly.

These layered drinks are often called a “Black and Tan,” but that term is controversial for
some because it conjures up a dark time in Irish history. The “black and tan” were British paramilitary troops with uniforms of those colors, and they violently suppressed the Irish a century ago. If you ever find yourself in Ireland, it’s best to use the more respectful term “half and half.”

Whatever you call these combinations, making them is now as easy as enjoying them.
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