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Ultimate Fuzz Remover Case of 12

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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The handle is a very comfortable grip.

11/3/2019 by Doreen

I mainly bought it to go with the furniture brush attachment which a absolutely love. It's been so helpful removing cat hair.



11/2/2019 by Yukari

This product really works. It makes an old sweater look almost new. I bought one for me and another for my mother. We are both very pleased with it.


good fuzz remover

10/31/2019 by Sue

versatile and easy to use and clean. Especially in the winter when you get fuzzies from blankets.


A fuzzy wipeout

6/27/2019 by Robert

The Gleener works great, with three different sets of "blades"I guess you'd call them. It removed tiny pills that had developed on two pairs of fine slacks and did no damage to the pants. An excellent bargain!



6/27/2019 by JENNIFER

Used it so much I had to try to find replacement parts!


Really like it

6/26/2019 by ann

Bought this a long time ago but am still using it. Love the interchangeable heads.


I didn’t think it could be saved..

6/17/2019 by kathleen

I have a children’s “cow” pillow, adorable and can’t be found anymore.. I washed it and had towels in the load:(. I tried what I had on hand to get the
Lint off but NOTHING worked! Then I saw The Ultimate Fuzz Remover and decided to give it a try
I bought the 19.95 pkg and using both tools my
Cow is back to her lovely self!!



5/7/2019 by Marita

I have a lot of beautiful, but old wool sweaters that were covered with fuzz, so I ordered this to see if I could salvage them. I first used it on a merino wool sweater and I was amazed by the amount of fuzz it cleaned up! I've also used it on acrylic sweaters and a boiled wool jacket and it works perfectly. I highly recommend it!


Defuzz 2 ways & no pet hair!

5/3/2019 by Lisa

The gleener works great! I have bought several cheap little defuzzer machines & they have all ended up in the garbage because they didn’t work. I was skeptical about this because it didn’t have a motor, but it works better than anything I have ever used! I love that it has a heavy duty & gentle attachment. It gets all those little pills off & the other side is a great pet hair remover!



4/28/2019 by Janeth

I cannot believe how well the Gleener works. It does dog

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The Gleener Story

Gleener Update1 17 V1

Fuzz Balls, Begone

Gleener has a solid reputation for getting rid of fuzz balls, pills, and hair on your clothes and furniture.

We discovered Gleener back in 2012 and our community still gives it high marks for refreshing sweaters and couches.

When Maker Kim Cole was pregnant, she was fixated on getting rid of clingy fuzz balls on all her sweaters and knits. The device she’d used before left holes in her favorite sweaters. She wanted something finer that would adapt to different fabrics and Gleener does just that.

One edge takes care of the heavy duty de-pilling bulky sweaters, while another is a gentle worker
for more delicate cotton and silk blends. Once you’ve de-fuzzed, you can de-hair with the pet hair attachment and even de-lint.

Kim’s latest innovation is Gleener on the go, which you can carry with you for any last minute de-pilling and de-fuzzing

This is an easy way to increase the lifespan of your favorite knits and keep them in a minty condition for way longer.
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