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Ultimate Fuzz Remover Case of 12

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great for cat hair

7/10/2016 by KBrewer

I run a cat rescue and as you can imagine, have a lot of cat hair to contend with. I've used this (with multiple attachment options) on denim, cotton, canvas and wool. I haven't tried it on a sweater. I was amazed how well it worked on the wool coat because the hairs tend to stick in wool pretty securely. Overall very impressed with this product.



7/9/2016 by Rebecca

I knew if I waited long enough someone would find an answer to my problem. The gleener works beautifully. It has removed every fuzz, pill, and dog hair on my sweaters. Having the extra heads allows you to take care of every item no matter what the fabric.


Great product

7/6/2016 by Pam

Very pleased with this product. I have been looking for one that really works. This works Great !!


Good for fuzz

6/21/2016 by Elaine

Glad I have this new gadget. It is replacing about 4 other not-so-effective de-fuzzing tools in my drawers. Simple and effective.


No more Fuzz

5/27/2016 by Rondie

I am very happy with my Fuzz Remover, it has worked well with heavy sweaters and a few lighter/smaller knit sweaters. Thank you for a great product!


Great product

5/1/2016 by Renee

Bought this for myself and my daughter last year for Christmas. It works beautifully and does what it says it will do. I would recommend it.



4/29/2016 by Tracy

I bought this for mine & my daughters heavier sweaters. It works beautifully, has 3 different attachments for different textures/fabrics. Since purchasing I have found many uses for this tool. It was a great find/purchase.



3/16/2016 by Sarah

This thing is awesome! I had a coat I didn't like to use because it had so many little pils on it, and I used this all over it. It's like new again! Highly highly recommend!


Fuzz remover

3/14/2016 by Kathleen

I bought a new sweater & hand washed & after wearing it once, it had fuzz all over it. I used the fuzz remover and my sweater looks brand new. Love Gromment & my fuzz tool!


Highly satisfied !

3/2/2016 by Katrina

I had been looking around for a 'fuzz remover' for quite sometime. On a whim I decided to check out The Grommet for one and there it was... The Gleener ! I am VERY pleased with it and impressed at how fast it arrived. Thank you so much for a grat product and excellant service !

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The Gleener Story

Gleener Update1 17 V1

Fuzz Balls, Begone

Gleener has a solid reputation for getting rid of fuzz balls, pills, and hair on your clothes and furniture.

We discovered Gleener back in 2012 and our community still gives it high marks for refreshing sweaters and couches.

When Maker Kim Cole was pregnant, she was fixated on getting rid of clingy fuzz balls on all her sweaters and knits. The device she’d used before left holes in her favorite sweaters. She wanted something finer that would adapt to different fabrics and Gleener does just that.

One edge takes care of the heavy duty de-pilling bulky sweaters, while another is a gentle worker
for more delicate cotton and silk blends. Once you’ve de-fuzzed, you can de-hair with the pet hair attachment and even de-lint.

Kim’s latest innovation is Gleener on the go, which you can carry with you for any last minute de-pilling and de-fuzzing

This is an easy way to increase the lifespan of your favorite knits and keep them in a minty condition for way longer.
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