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Ultimate Fuzz Remover Case of 12

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Not Great : (

11/11/2013 by Maria

I found the Gleener not wonderful (I was hoping it would be, I have a lot of sweaters!) in large part because of the clunky lint brush on the other end. If I could cut it off I would & it would be easier to use.

I tried edge 3 on a very fine cashmere sweater but it really did not remove the fine pills. I then tried edge 2 which worked a little better but still not great & took way to long. I gave up on the handle & just used the edges.

The only good news I have is that at least it did not tear holes in my sweater like the battery operated sweater shaver did.


It's okay...

10/12/2013 by Ken

The first use was pretty good, but after a few use it takes forever to remove the fuzz balls. I did clean the head as instructed but that didn't help.



6/28/2013 by SARA B.

I prefer a battery-operated pill shaver to using the Gleener. This device is light-weight and does not effectively remove fabric pills from heavy items like a wool sweater-jacket. The result of running the Gleener over just a small section of the wool jacket, was that the wool from fabric pills was lightly balled up on the sweater, the excess fabric from the pills had to be removed by hand, and the teeth of the Gleener were clogged. Also, my thought is that the action of the Gleener edges is harsh on the garment fabric.


11/2/2019 by Linda

I couldn’t get it to work.


Didn’t work

7/26/2018 by Aspen

I bought this to get rid of pilling on my favorite shirts. I read the directions andtried it out, it didn’t seem to work at all. On my lightest weight shirt, it made a hole. I really wanted this to work, but for me, it was a bust.


do not like it

11/15/2014 by Nino

i was very exiting to get this fuzz remover, I have lots of cashmere sweaters and they all have fuzz and balls.But i do not like Gleener.Its does not do job. It will be nice if it will do.


Fuzz remover

11/6/2014 by Katie

I was super excited to get this product but I haven't found a shirt that it seems to work on. I can see that it is taking off fuzz because it accumulates in chunks, but the fuzz balls are still all over my shirts. Disappointing so far.


Very poor product

9/2/2014 by Rebecca

I am supremely disappointed in the product. Worked with it for an hour - using all the different shaver heads. Terrible!!!!


Just sands the surface

4/8/2014 by Karyn

I had high hopes for this, but it turned out that the heads are just an abrasive stone, like a pumice. It appears that the idea is to snag the balls and pull them off. Unfortunately this just shreds them, while abrading the material below. Im guessing the next time I wash my garment the now frayed surface of the material will ball up again. This is just going to cause premature wear on my clothing.

I will just go back to shaving my items carefully with a disposable razor on a firm surface,


did not work for me

2/12/2014 by Daniel

I was very disappointed with the gleener. I had high hopes, but the first time I used it, it caused 3 snags in my sweater and wrecked it. When I tried to just use the brush end, it did not take the fuzz off. I would not recommend this to anyone.

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The Gleener Story

Gleener Update1 17 V1

Fuzz Balls, Begone

Gleener has a solid reputation for getting rid of fuzz balls, pills, and hair on your clothes and furniture.

We discovered Gleener back in 2012 and our community still gives it high marks for refreshing sweaters and couches.

When Maker Kim Cole was pregnant, she was fixated on getting rid of clingy fuzz balls on all her sweaters and knits. The device she’d used before left holes in her favorite sweaters. She wanted something finer that would adapt to different fabrics and Gleener does just that.

One edge takes care of the heavy duty de-pilling bulky sweaters, while another is a gentle worker
for more delicate cotton and silk blends. Once you’ve de-fuzzed, you can de-hair with the pet hair attachment and even de-lint.

Kim’s latest innovation is Gleener on the go, which you can carry with you for any last minute de-pilling and de-fuzzing

This is an easy way to increase the lifespan of your favorite knits and keep them in a minty condition for way longer.
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