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5/17/2015 by Richard

The GoComb is a great example of a necessity that isn't cumbersome and bulky. Its credit card size fits well in my minimalist wallet and doesn't snag seatcovers or stick out of my pocket like conventional combs. I like its metal design and lightweight feel.


Totally different

5/17/2015 by Caroline

Love the comb. Strong enough to handle curly hair but light enough to carry in my credit card slot wallet. I plan to be back for more to give out as Christmas gifts. Worth the money.


Great Buy

5/13/2015 by MrBigJim

Very Practical Product. A Nudder "Idea Whose Time . . . " Arrived!! Semper-Fidelis AND Virilis, (HAISCH)! :-)


Perfectly engineered

5/11/2015 by Craig

This wallet comb replaces a very nice wallet comb that I purchased last year. The one I originally purchased from another vendor was about three times thicker and heavier and more comb shaped. The Go-Comb is nicely sized (credit card) and feels very good against my scalp.


Great buy!

5/8/2015 by Michael

Very convenient always on hand, glad I bought it!


Great product

5/6/2015 by Teresa

I have one for myself and have given several others for gifts. Love the size! Reasonable price.


Great idea

5/5/2015 by Meredith

I bought this for my husband who always was fumbling with a comb in his wallet. He said this is very convenient and works well. Problem solved!



5/5/2015 by Henry

High quality and convenient



5/4/2015 by Diane

Bought this for my Dad and he loves it! Perfect size, lightweight, and he never has to look far for his comb. Love it!


Very Pleased

5/4/2015 by Shelley

It is the perfect size-works great for my husband.

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The Go-Comb Story

Go-Comb - Wallet Comb

Groom to Go

The Go-Comb is a thin, lightweight, metal comb, about the size of a credit card. Made to slide easily into your billfold or pocket, this wallet comb keeps hair looking good when you need it, and stays out of your hair when you don’t.

Which makes you wonder: why are regular combs so long? Brooklyn-based Maker Heather Burkman pondered that one night while out to dinner with her uncle. She watched him fix his hair with a traditional comb, then awkwardly put it in his wallet, half still hanging out. Heather didn’t see the need for all that extra comb.

That led to the creation of the Go-Comb. With
the look and feel of vintage travel combs, Go-Combs feature a variety of colors and designs appealing to both women and men. They are made with a waterproof mix of brass and stainless steel, which resists both rusting and bending. And best of all, you can actually carry Go-Comb without an awkward protrusion from your wallet or pocket. Read More Read Less