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Reusable Female Urination Device Case of 12

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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the final solution!

1/14/2017 by Lynn

I haven't tried this device out yet but I love the idea and know I will love it once I do use it. I've wanted something like this every time I'm hiking in the woods and need to go. I especially like that it is reusable instead of one time use device that I've seen elsewhere.


well made

1/13/2017 by Linda

reusable, I look forward to using it next summer!


"Absolutley Wonerful"

12/18/2016 by Jamie

It's about time. Haven't used yet however the design looks like it will work wonderfully.


Easy to use

12/5/2016 by JC

It works easily. This will be useful on hunting trips.


Just what I've wanted.

8/29/2016 by Gretchen

Finally something for the ladies. Ra su to use and keep clean. Comes with storage tube for purse or backpack!!


Very Helpful Product

8/24/2016 by Carol

The main reason I purchased this device is that I've started going to water aerobics and sometimes have to urinate while I'm wearing a wet (one piece) swimsuit. Any woman who has ever tried to pull down, urinate, and then pull back up a wet swimsuit knows how difficult that can be. This device is very helpful by enabling you to pull aside the swimsuit crotch area (thereby not removing the suit at all) and direct urine to the toilet.


It's About Time

8/24/2016 by Janice

It's about time a product like this was invented for women. It is amazing. I have not yet taken it on a journey but will be soon. I have tested it out though and it really, really works. No fuss, no muss. Just be sure to have a tissue with you for afterwards. Its great knowing you might not have to wait in endless lines when you really can't. I recommend for travel or just to keep in your purse for emergencies.


will definitely use this!!

8/23/2016 by AMY

have tested this device at home several times. ((which is highly recommended--try it first at home!!))
will be taking it along to music outdoor festivals, hiking, and camping.


Perfect for got to go moments

8/22/2016 by Emmy

I purchased these for myself and my 2 adult daughters. It always seems at least one of us has to go when there's no place to stop or the only places available are dirty and nasty. This system is easy to use in those moments and you don't end of with urine running down your leg. Best of all, for the nasty, dirty restrooms you can use this system and not touch dirty, wet and disgusting public restroomss.


Can't wait to try it out!

8/22/2016 by Elyse

I bought it for a trip to Europe that commences in mid-September. If I have a chance to use it sooner, such as in the forests of Napa during a wine tasting exposition where we generally get excited and find ourselves outnumbered when we're trying to enter a certified toilet. This can be difficult due to the tremendous increase in trans-gender and inter-sex people fighting for an enclosed stall. However, I have no plans to go to Napa in the near future.

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The GoGirl Story

GoGirl Female Urination Device | The Grommet

Stand-up Solution

For every woman who has wondered how to pee standing up, GoGirl has you covered.

This reusable, flexible funnel folds into a small, portable capsule you can take camping, to festivals, or anywhere beyond the bathroom grid. It’s made from an anti-microbial, medical-grade silicone that conforms to your body. And the design specifically prevents drips. You no longer have to brainstorm postures, boycott liquids, or undress all the way.

Washing the funnel is easy—just use soap and water. For a deep clean, you can even put it in boiling water or in the top rack of your dishwasher.

With GoGirl’s
intuitive, discreet design, it’s way less daunting to go on the go. Read More Read Less