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Reusable Female Urination Device Case of 18

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great discreet product❣

8/17/2016 by Judy

I do a lot of outdoor camping & hunting sports such as deer & duck etc. etc. Plus fishing. That means quite a few men wondering around the woods,with no designated female restrooms,that means lots of exposure of my bottom side! Not comfortable & can be somewhat embarrassing


Great idea

8/16/2016 by Marina

Well designed and easy to use. Do practice at home before trying it out on long car trios


Just a good idea

8/12/2016 by Marsha

THIS works, that's the point.


Don't leave home without GoGirl

7/23/2016 by Jackie Mangum

Do you hike, bicycle or ride a Harley where gas stations and port-a-potties are few and far between? GoGirl will keep you clean and tidy. I first used GoGirl in a modern and well appointed cabin on a three acre island in the middle of a lake in conjunction with a waterless urinal. This device works like a charm. I am buying GoGirl for the adventuresome ladies in my life.


Freedom to Stand!!

5/23/2019 by Lisamarie

Yup, it is the perfect gift for the outdoor girl on the go!
I love the flexibility of the item. It folds up nice a small, perfect for the day pack or your coat pocket. Freedom to stand ladies!!!



4/10/2019 by Kathleen M

I haven't had the chance to use it yet. However, it is very soft & pliable and seems like it will work well. As soon as I try it, I will update this review.



5/15/2018 by Melinda

This product has been a life saver several times!! Great to have in the car, in your purse, anywhere you might need it for an emergency. Love it! If any complaints they are that it only comes with one disposable bag and is very hard to fit back in it’s tube for storage.


Excellent. Serves its purpose.

5/15/2018 by Gregg

My wife thinks it's great.


It works! A bit awkward but it does the job.

9/13/2016 by Carol

It works! A bit awkward but it does the job.


Great Gadget

8/12/2016 by Jennifer

I had one of these about 20 years ago made out of a hard plastic. I thought it was a great invention then and still do. I like this one but feel bad it is flimsy compared to the one I had before. It is great for people like me, who enjoy the outdoors and places there are no facilities to use. I love to hike and also fish and you generally don't find bathrooms in most places. A good product but my fear is it tearing.

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The GoGirl Story

GoGirl Female Urination Device | The Grommet

Stand-up Solution

For every woman who has wondered how to pee standing up, GoGirl has you covered.

This reusable, flexible funnel folds into a small, portable capsule you can take camping, to festivals, or anywhere beyond the bathroom grid. It’s made from an anti-microbial, medical-grade silicone that conforms to your body. And the design specifically prevents drips. You no longer have to brainstorm postures, boycott liquids, or undress all the way.

Washing the funnel is easy—just use soap and water. For a deep clean, you can even put it in boiling water or in the top rack of your dishwasher.

With GoGirl’s
intuitive, discreet design, it’s way less daunting to go on the go. Read More Read Less