Silicone Lids & Straw - Set of 3 Case of 12

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So handy for little ones.

7/26/2018 by Glennie

Works well and no leakage around cup. Very handy and space savings. Wish there were 3 straws instead of the one.


Love them.

7/26/2018 by Marsha

Perfect for the grandkids. They can enjoy their beverages in our living room without any “monitoring” by an adult.


Nice product

7/25/2018 by Susan

I would like to have straws for all of the lids since I am using these for my grandchildren. I would be happy to pay a little extra for the straws.


Interesting pieces - anxious to use as gifts

4/8/2018 by Mary

Neat pieces - but should have 3 straws rather than just one - want to give to three different children.


These lids are perfect!

4/6/2018 by Tammy

My grandchildren love their new “go anywhere” lids with straws!
One of my many satisfied purchases through The Grommet


GoSili a success

4/6/2018 by Linda

I love these! My grandchildren, ages 3 and 6 love these. The colors are great. Most importantly, they make glasses spill proff at the table or walking around!!!


Works great!

4/3/2018 by Janice

Works great as is. Can use disposable straws too.


love them

4/3/2018 by Katherine

I purchased the silicone lids and straw for my grandchildren. The kids love them because they're different and parents love them because they are safe and are moving towards glass instead of plastic. They are easy to use and clean.


How Dry I am.

4/2/2018 by Elisa

When I saw this I was thrilled. My mother is 93 and bedridden. As sometimes happens, she will fall asleep with her juice glass or other drink in her hand. This used to result in a rude, cold, wet awakening as well as a wet bed and sometimes a messy, wet rug. No longer a worry because these fit snugly over the top of the glass and the straw stays up and is easy for my mother to sip. This has been so great for my mother and her caregivers as well.



4/2/2018 by Sue Ellen

Wonderful & Easy to Travel with.

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The GoSili Story

Ditch plastic drinking cups for spill-proof silicone.

Silicone Solution

GoSili grabbed our attention because of their lids that make spill-proof cups for adults and kids, and for their entirely silicone travel mug. These clever solutions make taking drinks to-go—and avoiding plastics—easier and less messy.

The stretchy silicone lids fit over just about any drinking glass or cup and create a spill-proof seal. And the travel mug is made entirely from silicone, but still holds its shape thanks to an embedded stainless-steel ring that gives it structure—and that is microwave-friendly for reheats, too.

If you’re not on the silicone bandwagon yet, this material has a
lot of good going for it. It’s non-toxic, BPA-free, and dishwasher and microwave safe. It won’t break down with use like some plastics can. And, by switching to silicone, you aren’t creating any toss-away waste. Read More Read Less