Silicone Lids & Straw - Set of 3 Case of 12

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Nice product!

11/2/2018 by Jeff

Not a bad replacement for plastic straws. Wish they were a little longer though...


Good idea

7/26/2018 by Jen

Got these to use on glasses used bedside but they are a bit small. Would be good if they came in a few different sizes


Cool product, but why only one straw?

6/11/2018 by Laura

These silicone lids really work and stretch to accommodate even a wide-mouth Bell jar. However, the image (which clearly shows three kids and three straws) is really misleading. Only one straw us included; it's not stuff and cannot be bent to an angle like a"bendy" straw (again, suggested by the image). Fortunately, I already own dishwasher-safe straws and so am able to make good use of the lids.


Great for grandkids!

4/7/2018 by Beth

I use when young grandkids visit. They think they are fun, and the keep my table dry.


Not for large glasses

10/31/2019 by Laurie

The silicone lids work great for a while, but they get very thin when put over a large glass, even to the point of tearing. So, they only work effectively on smaller glasses.


I guess they're okay

2/13/2019 by Sandra

They're okay, but not my cup-of-tea. Too difficult for the grandkids to use without help.


Effective but delicate

10/4/2018 by Leslie

These are great, being useful for many sized cups, glasses and mason jars; however they are somewhat delicate, tearing when they adhere to the sticky surfaces of the glass and should not be used for larger openings.


Silicone Lids - set of 3

5/28/2018 by Donna

The lids are very useful but a little hard to get on a wider cup. However, they should come with 3 straws (as pictured on the product pictures) so 3 children can use them at the same time.


Works but

5/18/2018 by Ruth

I bought these when they first came out and were easy to use and they worked however they did tear after a little use on wide mouth containers. These newer models are sturdier but quite difficult for me to get them on a larger mouth cup. Also it would be nice if they came with two straws instead of one, for two children or adults.



4/2/2018 by Kathleen

It would have been nice if you would have included 2 more straws for the other two lids!!!

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The GoSili Story

Ditch plastic drinking cups for spill-proof silicone.

Silicone Solution

GoSili grabbed our attention because of their lids that make spill-proof cups for adults and kids, and for their entirely silicone travel mug. These clever solutions make taking drinks to-go—and avoiding plastics—easier and less messy.

The stretchy silicone lids fit over just about any drinking glass or cup and create a spill-proof seal. And the travel mug is made entirely from silicone, but still holds its shape thanks to an embedded stainless-steel ring that gives it structure—and that is microwave-friendly for reheats, too.

If you’re not on the silicone bandwagon yet, this material has a
lot of good going for it. It’s non-toxic, BPA-free, and dishwasher and microwave safe. It won’t break down with use like some plastics can. And, by switching to silicone, you aren’t creating any toss-away waste. Read More Read Less