One Handed Bottle Opener

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11/19/2014 by JAYNE

I bought this to use at work where we routinely need to open small glass bottles. It works great! As it is magnetic I can hang it on the side of the work area and it is right where we need it every time. I had my name engraved on it so it doesn't get lost or rubbed off from constant use. I ordered a second one for my home I liked it so much. Think out of the box for all its uses!



11/19/2014 by Una Mae

Once I read the directions more carefully, I figured it out and it is really good. Works well even with fairly arthritic hands....Clever idea!!


Fantastic product

11/19/2014 by Chuck

What a fun item. It is exactly as stated, easy to use and a great gift for the beer drinker who has everything, or thought they did.


great tool!

11/19/2014 by Donna

Got this one handed opener for my son, and he loves it for opening beer bottles and sodas. It's also a conversation starter!



11/19/2014 by Ronald

Nice & easy way to open your favorite libation & with only using one hand! Fast shipping too! Highly re-commended!


Fun gift

11/26/2017 by jody

I haven’t seen this at a party situation yet, hoping it’s one of those gadgets that people have fun with - but it’s a xmas gift so won’t know for a month


Nice idea

4/24/2016 by Teresa

Takes some getting used to so you don't break the top of the bottle off (a whole 6 pack?!). Nice to have in the car/picnic basket. the magnet helps you keep track of it, too.


Wonderful Product

11/7/2015 by Kristin

Great product! It's beautiful, effortless, and fun to use, plus it sticks right to the fridge. My only disappointment that the color coating is not very hardy. I bought a blue one, and there are several places where the color has been scratched off with regular use.

I would recommend this product to anyone.


Good Product

9/14/2015 by Ron

Awesome product. Works fantastic. Which it was easier to carry or had a way to attach it to a key chain, etc. A little pricey for its intended is just an opener....but a cool opener nonetheless!


Like it

8/28/2015 by Deb

Great idea and works well. Plus, I love the fact it is made in the USA.

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The GrabOpener Story

GrabOpener - One Handed Bottle Opener

Pop Top

The GrabOpener turns the traditional two-handed job of opening a bottle into a simple, single-handed solution. Grab a bottle and, with the same hand, pop the top in one clean and easy motion.

Designed by photographer, artist, and inventor Mark Manger, the GrabOpener is entirely Made in the USA. Its aluminum is from Utah and it’s manufactured in Denver, Colorado.

While working in Africa, Mark saw the locals open bottles with one hand using a wooden stick with a screw attached. He improved on that method with ergonomic enhancements and a sleek design. He added a magnet to help align the bottle
and catch the cap, and fashioned the end to double as a pull-tab opener for cans.

Sensibly designed for use by both lefties and righties, the GrabOpener is the epitome of efficiency. Its clever design makes opening a bottle as easy as reaching out and grabbing on.
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