One Handed Bottle Opener

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6/22/2015 by Mandy

This item is genius. I really like the magnet that holds onto the cap after it has been removed. No more hunting around the floor for the flying cap. Also, it really does only require one hand. Love it.


Great Opener

6/2/2015 by Rah

I love this opener, it's always on the fridge and it's comfortable to use.


An Eye-saver!

5/28/2015 by phil

I wish I had this with me the other day when I opened a guy's Corona with my key chain and the pent up pressure sent it flying straight up into my sunglasses knocking the lens out.

Not only does this make bottle opening effortless and one-handed, it traps errant caps.

If you buy one you'll wish you bought two!


Excellent Product

5/27/2015 by Howard

This item was easy to use, and started a few conversations. I am glad I purchased one; now I have to either find a place to hide mine, or purchase one for each of my sons.


So Handy

4/30/2015 by Ginger

I bought this to take hiking and whitewater rafting since weight and bulk are issues. The GrabOpener is wonderful and works like a charm. I love it and will be buying more to use as Christmas gifts and stocking suffers. Innovative, colorful and fun to use.



4/28/2015 by Robert

Bought these 4 as gifts for friends, oh! and one was for me. It's well thought out and very well manufactured but best of all it will last a life time. Well done!



4/22/2015 by Julian

Great product and American made.....It works



4/1/2015 by Shannon

The Life of the party!!! What an amazing product!!! Use just one hand to operate & the cap doesn't fly away! Love love love it!!!!!!



3/26/2015 by Carlos

I'm very pleased with it and it works great!


Grab a GrabOpener!

3/3/2015 by Rachel

I bought this GrabOpener for my husband after he happened to look over at my computer while I was looking at this and remarked how cool he thought it was.

It was his Valentines Day present, and he was thrilled! He had to show everyone, and they all had to try it.

This is a brilliant opener! Its fun to use, fun to look at, and fun to share.

A WONDERFUL purchase. I highly recommend purchasing this for anyone who opens bottles.

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The GrabOpener Story

GrabOpener - One Handed Bottle Opener

Pop Top

The GrabOpener turns the traditional two-handed job of opening a bottle into a simple, single-handed solution. Grab a bottle and, with the same hand, pop the top in one clean and easy motion.

Designed by photographer, artist, and inventor Mark Manger, the GrabOpener is entirely Made in the USA. Its aluminum is from Utah and it’s manufactured in Denver, Colorado.

While working in Africa, Mark saw the locals open bottles with one hand using a wooden stick with a screw attached. He improved on that method with ergonomic enhancements and a sleek design. He added a magnet to help align the bottle
and catch the cap, and fashioned the end to double as a pull-tab opener for cans.

Sensibly designed for use by both lefties and righties, the GrabOpener is the epitome of efficiency. Its clever design makes opening a bottle as easy as reaching out and grabbing on.
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