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Very nice

6/25/2015 by sarah

I gave this as a gift, so I haven't seen it in use, or used it myself. However, I was impressed by the high quality appearance and apparent durability of the utensil. The light is very bright so ought to do the trick for after dark grill duties. It received a nice reaction from the recipient when he unwrapped it, too.



Lighted Spatula

5/27/2015 by Debbie

This is perfect for BBQ outside when you don't want lights on to attract bugs. My husband loves it!



4/28/2015 by Rose

I try to go above and beyond with extremely thoughtful gifts for my husband all the time. Well, this little diddy hit it out of the park! He is one of those guys that can fix anything with his hands. So when he got this he of course had to try to figure out how it was made and everything. Then after he said, "This is totally COOL," about a dozen times. He threw his head back and chuckled out-loud. He said, "I know why you bought me this. YOU want me to BBQ more!" I shared a little factoid I read here and said, "Did you know that most people can't actually tell what the inside of their meat looks like when they are cooking out in the evenings?" He said that's exactly correct!
And that my friends is just how you get a man to do what you want him to do....Hee-Hee. Awesome gift!


Too soon to tell

4/10/2015 by Cyn

I bought this as a gift, which I haven't given yet so I can't say much other than it is very nice looking - sleek design, good size, nicely made.


Great Grill Gadget!

1/4/2015 by Michele

My husband loved this gift. All the reviews were great and that is why I did finally purchase it for a Christmas gift!


Great idea for a gift!

1/1/2015 by Dianne

Got this for my son at Christmas. He loved the idea of it! Looked like a good quality product. Easy shipping and on time delivery.


Great Light!

12/28/2014 by Garen

The light is extremely bright and overall this product is very well made. I only wish they made tongs as well....maybe they do?


Love this

12/16/2014 by Mimi

My husband loves this spatula. We live in Southern California and we can grill all year long, however during the winter months it gets dark by 5:00pm and it is hard to grill out and get the meat temperature right, however with this spatula's bright light no more under done or over done grilling.


Best Christmas Gift Ever!

11/29/2014 by Carol

My husband grills at least 5 nights a week. This time of year it gets dark by 6pm and he has several grill lights attached to his grill so he can see what he's doing. I decided this lighted spatula would be the perfect Christmas present. When it arrived I stashed it away in a safe hiding place. I watched him struggle at the grill in the dark for several nights and decided that i"d be in a heap of trouble if I waited to give him his gift. I gave him is gift early. He LOVED it. After giving it a test run, he declared it the best gift ever!



10/3/2014 by Helen

Great solution to an age old problem....

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The Grillight Story

Grilllight - Lighted Spatula

Guiding Light

Grilled to perfection doesn’t happen by chance. It requires careful watch, attention to detail . . . and light.

The founder of Grillight, Colton Knittig, wasn’t an inventor by trade. He was just a guy who liked to BBQ and got tired of holding a spatula in one hand and a flashlight in the other. One dark night while grilling, Colton had a lightbulb moment to create a spatula and flashlight in one.

Grillight incorporates high power LED lighting into a restaurant grade stainless steel frame spatula designed to point light exactly where you need—directly on your food. And, unlike other grill
lights that cast a bluish hue, the LEDs used in this innovative utensil have been precisely tuned to replicate daylight so you can see the true color of the food you’re cooking. Grillight is even dishwasher-safe (just be sure to remove the LED first).

Illuminating, don’t you think?
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