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Grout and Tile Cleaning Brush Sample

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Oh what a time saver!

1/21/2019 by Julie

I ordered this item not realizing that it is made in my own backyard! But the relative ease to clean my tile areas is such a game changer. What took hours of time now has reduced it to perhaps an hour! Bliss for me/ my back and my shower! Thank you for having this item!


This works great!

9/18/2018 by Debra

This worked out so nice, did a good job. Saves the back for sure. So glad I bought it.


Great product

5/28/2016 by Shell

It's been tough for me to get on the floor and scrub the grout around my tile floor. This is such a great tool. I just line up the grout scrubbers, add a pole to the grout gator and away I go cleaning the tile grout. Amazing!



8/27/2015 by Susan

I was amazed by how great this product worked. Cleaned beautifully.


Love it!

7/6/2015 by yocasta

It's awesome.


It does work

6/28/2015 by Patrice

Disclaimer: I am associated with this product in that I built the website. But I also own it and love it. Some comments about sizing can be solved with brush placement, extenders, etc. The longer handle is a separate accessory. But, if you have a floor brush on hand with a screw handle, just use that. It fits all standard screw based handles. You can set the brushes to any size tile, so it's not an issue with any size. You can add an extender for larger tiles. And the brushes do stay "put" as one complaint mentioned. Perhaps they weren't tightened enough. This product does work and sure saves the time it claims.


Grout Gator

6/22/2015 by Anne

I love my new Grout Gator. It is so easy and quick to clean my floors. Just what I needed


great grout gator

3/29/2015 by Esther

My only complaint is that it is just 2 inches short so i can't get a third grout line. But it works wondets and saves time and effort



1/27/2015 by Erica

The Grout Gator works really well on my commercial kitchen floor tile grout. With the cute gator on the scrubber, I was braced for it to be a flimsy disappointment. But it is very sturdy and easy to use. The adjustments hold securely as it is used. Five stars!


Good prouct

11/1/2014 by kathy

This would of been a great product to large for my tiles., even when I ajust them.

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The Grout Gator Story

Grout Gator - Tile Cleaning Brush

Bristle Power

In the absence of a better alternative, many of us turn to old toothbrushes for help with the tedious task of grout cleaning. Jim Hill, the creator of the Grout Gator, was no exception. While the soft bristles of his toothbrush were ideally suited for the size and shape of his mouth, Jim thought there had to be a better way to remove the grimy build up that settles into grout lines.

The Grout Gator enables you to clean between multiple tiles at one time, providing at least four times the brushing power of an ordinary toothbrush thanks to four, adjustable brush heads featuring stiff, sturdy
bristles strong enough for industrial use and household jobs alike.

Designed to accommodate tile sizes from 2 to 12 inches, the Grout Gator's brush heads are easy to adjust and its soft-grip handle is angled for optimal results. For hard to reach areas, this innovative cleaning tool can even be attached to any standard sized household cleaning pole.
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