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Guard Your ID

Specialty Identity Protection Roller Case of 5

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good enough

5/6/2018 by Tammy

From what I read about this little magic tool, I couldn’t wait to start using it. It works great on paper, glossy or matte, now when it comes to prescription bottles (which was my main reason for buying this) it leaves a lot to be desired. I roll it over the label numerous, and I mean numerous times, allow it to dry and I can still make out most of what I just supposedly blacked out. It does make it much more difficult to read everything but I thought from watching the video it would be impossible. I am still happy with my purchase.


Peace of Mind

3/23/2018 by Melissa

I like this roller for obscuring prescription bottle labels. It makes me feel more secure when disposing of old bottles and less at risk of medical identity theft.


Guard your ID

1/2/2018 by Steve

It seems to work good on most things. Some of my prescription labels not so good. There is some real shiny spots on the bottles like a different paper was used or embossed so the ink would not stick to it but it would cover everything else with no problem



10/28/2017 by JERRY

It easier than stripping stickers on my medicine bottle. It's better than ripping or cutting the magazine when I donate to library.


I like it.

10/27/2017 by Gail

It's great for some things. I purchased the bigger one, also. They won't cover something that's been taped. The round one is a little unwieldy. If an address has been hand written on a envelope, for example, you'll still be able to read what's under it through the indentations of a ballpoint pen.


Food idea

10/24/2017 by Rick

Does what it says.


works great but...

12/23/2019 by John

Works great but, NOT REFILLABLE? Why not? My fault for not checking before I bought it but I had just assumed it'd be refillable. I mean ink gets in there somehow when it's made right, why not just make it so you can unscrew the lid and pour more ink in? So now I have to buy something else when the ink runs out? I'm sorry but that is LAME. It does work great like I said, already saving me a bunch of time but this has got to be one of the worst design flaws of anything I've ever bought. When the ink runs out I'm going to cut the top off and see if I can refill it somehow.



11/1/2019 by Margaret

Special Identity Protection Roller: works very well on uncoated papers and envelopes. It doesn't work well on coated papers, such as large mailing labels on packages sent by vendors or on most prescription bottles. Since I take many medicines I was hoping this item would significantly help in my disposal of those bottles. Furthermore, I still have to strip off shipping labels and tear them up. Pain in the neck!


On the fence

10/6/2019 by Reba

This works great but very disappointed it can’t be refilled with more ink. Curious how long this will last.


It's Okay!

2/14/2019 by Mary

The ink doesn't really cover on certain types of paper and you really need to let it dry or it smears. On regular paper it covers very well and I will still use it on sensitive items.

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The Guard Your ID Story

Guard Your ID | Identity Protection Stamps & Rollers

Information Guard

Locking down sensitive information is as easy as a quick roll (or stamp). The identity theft protection stamps and rollers from Guard Your ID shield your privacy on things like mail, bank statements, and even prescription bottles.

The stamps and rollers all deliver an encrypted pattern that renders text unreadable. The specialty roller uses a unique ink formula that works on glossy finishes—like postcards and labels—without smearing or rubbing off. And it’s shaped to work on uneven and curved surfaces, like prescription bottles. The wide roller and stamp use oil-based ink that penetrates
non-glossy paper, so information on bills, checks, tax returns and more is blocked on the front and back.

Using a stamp or roller is more convenient than shredding and more environmentally friendly, too. Paper is often un-recyclable once it has been shredded.

Whether you roll or stamp, it’s a quick and easy step to ensure your information stays private.
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