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10/20/2018 by Ruth

It didn't cover as good as I thought it would


Needs a protective cap

10/18/2018 by Wendy

Love the way it blocks things out but in between uses the ink gets all over


Great but messy

8/15/2018 by Trudie

Easy to use and does do (very well) as advertised. Only complaint is that it is a bit messy (ink on the fingers)



7/30/2018 by Pamela

Works as intended


Good product but needs a case for storage

7/25/2018 by Judith

This is very handy but they need to include a case for it because otherwise the ink gets on everything when you try to store it.


Not very sturdy

5/29/2018 by Claudia

I just got my ink roller yesterday and started using it right away and was very happy how it worked but unfortunately I dropped it and it burst into a a bunch of pieces. None of the pieces really looked broken but there were so many I couldn’t figure out how to put it back together so here I am ordering another. This time I’m going to wrap a strip of duct tape around it so if it is dropped again it won’t blow apart. Maybe you could somehow make it a little more sturdy other than that it works great.


giving this a B grade

12/11/2017 by Suzanne

I ordered both this identity protection roller and the one for round bottles, such as prescriptions bottles. While I'm mostly happy with these, and am thrilled that I can stop shredding so much paper and trying for too long to peel labels off prescription bottles, there are a couple of drawbacks: If you put either a bottle or a piece of paper on a surface where the ink can get to it, it will spot and doesn't want to come off easily. Also, it's not a one-swipe thing. It takes more than that to cover well enough to know that it can't be read by anyone. This being said, I'd rather deal with the inconveniences than go back to the way it was before I had the devices.


Just Ok

11/2/2019 by Pamela

This does not completely cover information unless you roll it back and forth a few times. I bought the roller with refill so it will be interesting to see how long it will last since it needs several swipes. Probably would not buy again.



11/2/2019 by Esther

Kinda of mess but does the job


Works fine but a button is a little flimsy

6/24/2019 by Patricia

It works fine, but the little slide button broke off right away.

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The Guard Your ID Story

Guard Your ID | Identity Protection Stamps & Rollers

Information Guard

Locking down sensitive information is as easy as a quick roll (or stamp). The identity theft protection stamps and rollers from Guard Your ID shield your privacy on things like mail, bank statements, and even prescription bottles.

The stamps and rollers all deliver an encrypted pattern that renders text unreadable. The specialty roller uses a unique ink formula that works on glossy finishes—like postcards and labels—without smearing or rubbing off. And it’s shaped to work on uneven and curved surfaces, like prescription bottles. The wide roller and stamp use oil-based ink that penetrates
non-glossy paper, so information on bills, checks, tax returns and more is blocked on the front and back.

Using a stamp or roller is more convenient than shredding and more environmentally friendly, too. Paper is often un-recyclable once it has been shredded.

Whether you roll or stamp, it’s a quick and easy step to ensure your information stays private.
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