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Easier than shredding

10/19/2018 by Linda

A quick fix instead of having to shred many pages


Love it!

10/19/2018 by Carolyn

My shredder was having to work overtime to handle all the catalogs I receive - I order from 3-4 catalogs a year - they have managed to share my information and every month I receive at least 1 new catalog that I have never heard of - to the tune of 75 so far this month. So, I have been ripping off the address page and shreading it before putting the catalog in recycle. Then I noticed that they have been"so kind" to fill in my information on the order page - so rip that out too. Love this roller identity guard - roll, roll, trash!!


Safe mail recycling

10/19/2018 by Lorraine

Love be this. No shredding required.


works great

10/8/2018 by Marilyn

The wide identity Protection roller works wonderfully. I am very pleased with this product.


I love it !

9/18/2018 by Elouise

Now we don't have to shred our documents, that can't be used for recycled paper !!


Love this product

8/28/2018 by Joyce

It’s so much easier than shredding! Just roll it over what you don’t want anyone else to see & you’re safe! So glad I bought it.


Thorough name blocking

8/17/2018 by Sandra

This roller is so useful for blocking out name and address on correspondence as well as junk mail. One roll usually is enough. It does take a while for the ink to dry on smooth or shiny surfaces. I highly recommend this rolling identity blocker.


No shredder, no problem.

8/11/2018 by Jenni

This is perfect for hiding personal information.


Good product.

7/30/2018 by Kathy

Works exactly as advertised- obscures all text.


Favorite yet...

7/26/2018 by Marsha

Don’t have any idea how many products I’ve purchased since first stumbling across the Grommet site, but this is one of my very favorites yet. Have already purchased two more for gifts to rave reviews from the recipients.

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The Guard Your ID Story

Guard Your ID | Identity Protection Stamps & Rollers

Information Guard

Locking down sensitive information is as easy as a quick roll (or stamp). The identity theft protection stamps and rollers from Guard Your ID shield your privacy on things like mail, bank statements, and even prescription bottles.

The stamps and rollers all deliver an encrypted pattern that renders text unreadable. The specialty roller uses a unique ink formula that works on glossy finishes—like postcards and labels—without smearing or rubbing off. And it’s shaped to work on uneven and curved surfaces, like prescription bottles. The wide roller and stamp use oil-based ink that penetrates
non-glossy paper, so information on bills, checks, tax returns and more is blocked on the front and back.

Using a stamp or roller is more convenient than shredding and more environmentally friendly, too. Paper is often un-recyclable once it has been shredded.

Whether you roll or stamp, it’s a quick and easy step to ensure your information stays private.
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