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Guardian® Bells

Best Seller Pack with Display Case of 48

Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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nice product but needs improved product management

12/19/2015 by Alice

I bought 5 bells but found the styles had changed only a day later. If they are out of stock in a particular style,they remove it from the choices instead of showing it back-ordered. You have to check back every day to see what has been replenished. Silly way to do business. Also, found the exact same bells on Amazon for 25% less with free shipping regardless of quantity. Not happy about that after having ordered from this site.


not pleased with 3 of my 8 bells - don't ring

12/15/2015 by Karen

I ordered the Guardian Bells. The "Celtic" and "Lighthouse " are wonderful. The "Claddagh" and "Heart" bells do not ring. They make a clicking as metal on metal. So I was disappointed as I am giving them to my children and mother for Christmas. I feel it is an issue in the manufacturing. The pewter is too thick on those bells causing the difference in sound. I am reordering the two that did not "ring" in hopes that the problem will not reoccur.



11/23/2015 by Beth

Nice.... though I wish it would have made (bigger) bell noise. Very heavy and nice Pewter. Worth the money if you don't care that it doesn't ring that loud...nice



11/19/2015 by Lucinda

They are awfully cute, and we will see what my grandchildren think at Christmas time.


Disappointed in size

11/9/2015 by Sally

I purchased 3 different bells, hoping to put one on my little dogs collar. The picture I saw of them showed it on a little dog. Wish they would make a smaller. I kept the ones I ordered to give as Christmas gifts


pewter bells

11/6/2015 by sandra

this is a lot bigger than I thought it would be...I should've asked for dimensions..i think it might be better suited as a pendant, due to the size.


too quiet

10/27/2015 by Wendy

nice designs but not enough sound


no sound

10/27/2015 by Wendy

nice workmanship but barely discernible as a bell


Not what I expected

10/22/2015 by Sally

These are nice but am disappointed in the size. The picture I saw on Pinterest showed one a small dog or a cat. I wanted to put it on my Yorkie, but it is much too large. Wish they would make a smaller version for pets


Bells Should Ring

8/3/2015 by Helen

These bells are lovely indeed. However, I was expecting that they would ring . . . they don't. A little clackety-clatter is the only sound they make. Color me old fashioned - bells gotta ring.

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The Guardian® Bells Story

Guardian Bells | The Grommet

Put a ring on it

With Guardian® Bells, you can give the gift of good fortune. Maker Adam Hizme, a second-generation jeweler, creates these handsome pewter bells in Arizona for the purpose of bestowing good luck upon their recipients.

The use of bells as a channel for positive energy dates back to antiquity. Across cultures, continents, and religions, bells have been rung to banish evil spirits at ceremonies, funerals, and even in everyday life. It’s considered good feng shui to have a bell on your door, which acts as a beacon for welcome news and prevents bad energy from entering. On the other end of the
spectrum, many serious bikers attach bells to the bottom of their rides—a decades-old custom believed to ward off mishaps and mechanical failures.

Thanks to Guardian® Bells, you can grant this tradition of protection upon anyone. Attach one to a backpack, keychain, boat, locker door, or anyplace else. According to legend, the bells have twice as much power when given as a gift. Choose a design that fits your loved one’s style, and present them with a double dose of good luck.
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