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8/9/2020 by Mary Jane

I have fine hair and this holds my hair in a bun all day long. Very professional looking. I’m ordering another one. Once you get the hand of how the combs go, it’s easy to put on!


Love this!

7/23/2020 by Marie

I am letting my my hair grow longer, and I realize that I have always disliked wearing scrunchies or elastic bands. I get headaches from using them. No more headaches, since I wear the Magic Hair Comb. It is so easy to put in my hair. I enjoy using it during the hot weather. It is also very pretty!


Easy Neat and Pretty

7/21/2020 by Shawn

Magic Hair Comb has solved my summer long problem of my long hair making me feel hot. Instead of just clipping it up in a sloppy unkempt looking turkey tail, I can easily twist it into a bun, slip the MH Comb over it (it's super easy to do) and it looks pretty and professional enough that I could wear it to work or to go out. I ordered a second one in black so I have two colors to choose from. I wish I had one in every color!!


Works great!

7/20/2020 by Judith

I originally bought this for my daughter and she just asked me for another. She LOVES it!



7/14/2020 by Mary Jane

Bought this over a year ago and have been satisfied beyond my expectations. I have long and fine hair. Too thin to hold a clip and elastic bands tear at my hair. This set of combs is perfect in keeping it off my neck and under control. Holds all day long!


Long Hair Lifesaver

7/10/2020 by Shawn

I love having an easy and pretty way to pin up my long hair. I found myself using a barrette to keep my hair off my neck from about May to October every year, and the Magic Hair Comb gives my messy bun a dressy look. I liked it so much I ordered another in black. My hair is long to the middle of my back and fairly thin (I'm a real blonde) and the size Small fits perfectly.


Great Accessory

7/10/2020 by Betty

I love the appearance of these combs. They are a little challenging to start with but after using it several times it is much easier to place in my hair. Before Covid, my hair was relatively short but now it has been a bit hard to get off my neck. Not quite enough for a good ponytail. But this hair comb does a good job of confining all the strays. I would recommend to anyone with longish hair.


I love this product, especially now that it is summer! My hair is long + thick + these hold up all of it

6/23/2020 by Sharon

I love your products, absolutely great


Just what I was looking for

6/13/2020 by Jane

I bought one large and one small
I have long hair and wasn’t sure
the size that would work best.
I use the small because my hair is thin. It’s very comfortable and very pretty. I got the metallic brown and it’s a great contrast on blond hair. I love it.



5/5/2020 by kathrine

I have thick hair, and this is a nice option for pulling it back. It takes a bit to get the hang of it -- but I am not generally used to using combs, etc. to pull my hair back, so it could just be me. Either way, I like it alot.

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The HairMagic Story

HairMagic | Multiway Magic Hair Comb

Comfy Combs

Janine Pretorius heads up the HairMagic family business in South Africa. Her stretchy hair accessory creates six quick-and-easy styles that work with any type of hair—or you can come up with your own way to wear this versatile updo maker.

There’s a lot to like about a fuss-free tool that can quickly transform—and polish up—your look. When we tried HairMagic out, we appreciated how comfortable it felt. The two-combs-and-stretchy-beaded-elastic-combo lies flat and stays securely in place. And we were impressed with just how easy it is to switch up how you wear your hair, regardless of length or
type of hair you have. All that functionality and it looks so lovely? Definitely sounds like magic to us. Read More Read Less