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Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate

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VERY disappointed

2/5/2019 by Pamela

I bought two of these, one for me and one for my sister who loves kitchen gadgets, but never sent the one to my sister after trying mine. I was VERY disappointed that I haven't been able to use it for anything other than grating garlic. I was hoping that I could use it for zesting, but the polished surface isn't rough enough to cut through the smooth lemon or lime skin. And I haven't had need to try to grate other things such as ginger root, so I am stuck with another (or 2!) kitchen gadget whose hype is much greater than its performance - not to mention its price!



11/29/2018 by Lesley

Disappointed I am disappointed in the effectiveness of the greeting plate. It did well with nutmeg and cinnamon stick but not so well with ginger and garlic. When I try to grate the ginger and garlic it just turned into water basically. Would not recommend this product.


Cute but not very useful

11/7/2018 by Lois

The design & aqua glaze on the face of the plate is lovely but it’s quite small & IMHO fails at its intended purpose. When I tried to grate Parmesan cheese, the cutting surface clogged up quickly so that more attempts just pushed the cheese in deeper & was hard to get out with the brush. I tried grating garlic & it made a mushy mess. Very disappointed. Going back to my microplane.


Not a fan!

10/31/2018 by Connie

I bought one of these at a show. I find that it takes longer to use than a simple garlic press. For the ginger, works, but hard to get the residual ginger or garlic out. It also can scrape your knuckles if not careful. The little "spikes" wear down or break off after a while and the plate is breakable. No thanks!


Not sharp enough to grate ginger.

10/2/2018 by JO

The friend this was gifted to was pleased and immediately tried it on ginger and found it totally unsuccessful. She reported this to me and we agreed to return them as this was the main thing she planned to use it for. I have reported this on your return page, but have not heard back about how to proceed!!!



10/1/2018 by Wanda

I was so excited to use the Grate Plate for the first time with a lemon. It did not even scratch the surface so I was not able to get the lemon peel for my recipe. Also it did not come with any instructions about its use or the use of the other two items in the package
I am not sure I will have any use for it.
This is the first time I not been please with a Grommet product.

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The Grate Plate Story

The Grate Plate | Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate

Ceramic Grater

Deborah and Hillary Murphy spent a year fine-tuning their ceramic graters before bringing them to local farmers markets to see how folks would respond. Their beautifully handcrafted dishes were such a hit that The Grate Plate has grown and found fans beyond the Murphys' home base of Portland, Oregon.

Portland is where the mother-daughter team makes each brightly hued ceramic plate dotted with unique graters that won’t wear down over time and are gentler than metal. (Your fingertips will thank you.) Made with garlic in mind, The Grate Plate does the grating job for hard cheeses, ginger, nutmeg,
peppers, and it can even zest citrus. We like the idea of using one to prep and serve a quick garlic dipping oil for bread.

The presentation-worthy plate combines functionality and a polished finish, which also makes it a perfect gift for hosts, home cooks, or anyone who appreciates beautifully made and useful things.
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