The Grate Plate

Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate

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Great little grater!

3/18/2019 by Nadine

I was a little skeptical but I love pottery and this was so cute decided to take a chance. It did a good job of grating garlic. That's all I've tried so far but don't know why it wouldn't work just as well for other things. And the little brush that comes with it is a real plus. Highly recommend!


Very unique product

3/3/2019 by Marty

I purchased 2 of these grating plates. One for me and one for my son. They're really cute but I wish they were a little larger. I also like the garlic tube that came with it.


Great Item to have around

3/3/2019 by Diann

Works as advertised, I still don't care for grating a hard cheese, but this tool makes it go faster and it is much less messy, all of the cheese goes uno bowl not all over my countertop.


Very useful!

2/23/2019 by Pamela

I bought two: one for myself and one for a foodie friend, and we both love them! Highly recommend!


Great plate!

2/21/2019 by Wanda

Love this grate plate. Small diminutive plate and perfect size.



2/17/2019 by Douglas

As I grate, it's already in a dish. I don't have to remove it from a grater, then place it on a dish, in a bowl. I can scoop up as much as I need and store the rest if not needed. Easy to clean.


Oh heavenly kitchen toy!

2/16/2019 by Sue

I bought this online and wasn’t sure it would be ok....well indeed it was ok and so much more! I’ve never found a tool for grating garlic and ginger and more which I liked. I have struggled with awkward presses, with shredded knuckles and generally avoided this activity. No more! I am a grating crazy lady! I love this system so much I have purchased others for my family! It works so well, I’ve grated multiple things with happy, injured free knuckles and finely textured results. I love the brush which is also a very handy tool for cleaning. Washes well with no residue and I am SO happy!


Works like a charm!

2/16/2019 by JohnA

I bought this as a gift for my daughter. She reported to me that she loves it! She didn't really give me any details, and I haven't seen it in action, but it seems to have pleased her.



2/14/2019 by Savilla

These made the best gifts for those who have all the kitchen gadgets. They all loved it.


Works Great

2/14/2019 by Michael

Grates consistently, without losing your spices.

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The Grate Plate Story

The Grate Plate | Handmade Ceramic Grating Plate

Ceramic Grater

Deborah and Hillary Murphy spent a year fine-tuning their ceramic graters before bringing them to local farmers markets to see how folks would respond. Their beautifully handcrafted dishes were such a hit that The Grate Plate has grown and found fans beyond the Murphys' home base of Portland, Oregon.

Portland is where the mother-daughter team makes each brightly hued ceramic plate dotted with unique graters that won’t wear down over time and are gentler than metal. (Your fingertips will thank you.) Made with garlic in mind, The Grate Plate does the grating job for hard cheeses, ginger, nutmeg,
peppers, and it can even zest citrus. We like the idea of using one to prep and serve a quick garlic dipping oil for bread.

The presentation-worthy plate combines functionality and a polished finish, which also makes it a perfect gift for hosts, home cooks, or anyone who appreciates beautifully made and useful things.
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