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Dual-Sided Anti-Microbial Screen Cleaner Case of 12

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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I'm hooked on Hans!

5/4/2017 by Janice

I love this device cleaner! I gave Hans a workout On my trip to Las Vegas, it proved to be a must have there but definitely anywhere. You can touch slot machines handles, elevator buttons, taxi seats, money and much more and feel comfortable to answer your phone with germy hands knowing you could clean your phone right then and there. Convenient size to carry in your purse or pocket. I'm hooked on Hans and won't go anywhere without it!


screen cleaner

5/4/2017 by Virginia

the screen cleaner works great!


I'm Actual Impressed

5/3/2017 by Katie

I don't write reviews, I usually just read the ones that I most likely already have chosen to believe. That said...this impressed me with how smoothly it works as an all in one product that doesn't leave me having to find a garbage to throw away the wrappers from disposable cloths. It doesn't leak PERIOD, in fact I keep thinking it may have dried out until I go to apply it on the screen.
I bought two of them, one for me and one for my nose picking kid boys, for the, to use on their iPad minis. They have fun using it and more importantly keep using it. I just repositioned the towel on theirs seeing as it was quite "dirty"...yuck!
The idea of the cloth being wrapped multiple times is genius. It takes me three seconds to position it back so you're able to use a cleaner area of the cloth.
It's simple, made of quality and all in one, which is what I believe makes this product highly effective.


Easy Way to Keep Screens Clean

5/3/2017 by Deloria

I like this product because it's very convenient to travel with and easy to use. All it takes is one swipe to clean my phone and tablet screens.


Works Perfect -Love it!

4/26/2017 by luz

Just received my new Hans Cleaner and it awesome highly recommend fits in my purse and takes care of all my screens beautifully


Form Following Function

4/18/2017 by Michael

The ancient architects believed that humans should design and create things that are solid, useful, and beautiful. I believe this product fits those criteria. I've tried many screen-cleaning products, and this one is by far my favorite. I especially like the fact that the cleaning and polishing functions are built into a single simple device. This is a wonderful alternative to harsh glass cleaners, potentially messy spray bottles, cloth or paper towels that can leave behind lint, and glass wipes that can leave the screen wet and streaked.

HANS is solid, useful, and beautiful. I love it.


Finally a Great Cleaner

6/26/2019 by Valarie

I can’t tell you how good this cleaner is, the screen is smooth and glossy without streaks. I love that the drying side is right available when you clean the screen. Plus the fact you can buy the cleaner so you can continue to use this tool. I got my daughter to use it too. So have all my friends. we all love it.



2/13/2019 by Wilderness1022

Works okay but not the best thing I've ever used for phones are glasses


No bottle of cleaning fluid in mine!

12/13/2018 by Deborah

This screen cleaner works great. Be warned though the description is misleading. There is no bottle of cleaning fluid included with the cleaner. Ordered 3 for Christmas gifts and none of them had the small bottle of cleaning fluid.


Worked well

7/26/2018 by Nina

It works well. I have only used it once.

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The HANS Story

This will make you want to clean your screen.

Clean Screen

This Made in the USA screen cleaner will have you happy to clean your devices.

HÄNS is super thorough. Its saturated, anti-microbial sponge lifts oil, dirt, and germs for the delicate microfiber cloth to wipe off. You can see it at work.

Brothers Scott and Jeff Bushaw would regularly wipe off their screens but didn’t like the amount of disposable wipes they were trashing. They wanted a tool that you could reuse and refill.

We like that you don’t need to spray a drippy cleaning solution, just saturate the sponge and swipe it across the screen. And when you run out, just refill.

Keep computer,
phone, and tablet screens squeaky clean with a few swipes. Read More Read Less