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Dual-Sided Anti-Microbial Screen Cleaner Case of 12

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Please work out kinks

5/4/2017 by Nancy

It works well however confusing how to change both sides to clean

[Maker response:

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your purchase of HÄNS! HÄNS cleaning side (the black side) should not be removed from the body of your HÄNS. To clean with the cleaning side (black side), simply fill the cleaning side’s cap with HÄNS cleaning solution and allow the cleaning side to sit in the solution. This will completely clean it!

The Polishing Side (white side) can be fully removed from the HÄNS body to rewrap or to wash the cloth completely. All you have to do is rewrap the cloth and place back into the body once you've cleaned it.

This ensures that your HÄNS will last a very long time and to keep it working just as good as the day you bought it!

Thank you Nancy!

The HÄNS Team]


Not handy

7/26/2018 by Roxy

Did not like this for my iPad which fit to dirty for constant use of this product. Rotating the cloth was too unconventional because of this. Try another kind of cleaner and wipe.



5/15/2018 by John

This product does not do such a great job. Not overly expensive, but almost worthless. Cat hair 1 - Hans 0



5/9/2017 by Jimmy

I agree with Kitty's review. And I add... I think the directions are somewhat obtuse. I tried the product on an iPhone, a 24" iMac, an 18" monitor, and on my iPad. Disappointing results all around. Left smudges. Left my 24" screen streaked, even after a second and third effort to clean. IMHO, I find a spritz of eyeglass cleaner and a microfiber cloth soooo much easier, more effective, and far less costly. If it weren't so much trouble to return the Swipe-Clean and the bottle of cleaning solution, I would do so. $25 down the drain. Lesson learned. Sorry, Hans-Swipe!

[Maker response: Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for your purchase. HÄNS should definitely not be giving mediocre results when cleaning!

First, when you clean your surface make sure the cleaning solution has not dried before using the polishing sheet (the white side) on your surface.

If there are smudges being left behind, make sure your using adequate pressure when cleaning with the polishing side (white side). And also try to do fast motions when cleaning as well, this helps the friction that facilitates the cleaning process.

When cleaning large screens, like the 18” or 24” screens, it’s best to clean in quadrants to ensure that the cleaning solution does not dry before you begin using the polishing side on the screen.

We hope this info helps and we hope you will be able to give HÄNS another try. If you do wish to use HÄNS in the way that microfiber / eyeglass cleaners work, you can just unwrap the polishing sheet from the HÄNS body and dab with solution from the cleaning solution refill. Our cleaning solution has been engineered to clean all of today’s tech.

Thanks Jimmy,
The HÄNS Team]


Leaves messy fingerprints

5/3/2017 by Kitty

I'm returning this product. I have a glass screen and it obviously doesn't work for this. Leave finger prints so messy you can't see the screen.

[Maker response:

Hi Kitty,

First thank you for your purchase, second, HÄNS is definitely not supposed to leave any fingerprints behind on your devices. HÄNS first applies our cleaning solution with the wet side (black side) and polishes away any remaining reside with the polishing side (the white side).

Some helpful hints are to wipe away the cleaning solution with the polishing side (white side) while the solution is still wet on your device’s surface and not yet dry.

When both sides of your HÄNS are used in the two-step process there should not be any residue left behind. If you screen is very dirty, it may need to be cleaned more than once to get all of the grime off.

Thank you Kitty!

The HÄNS Team]

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The HANS Story

This will make you want to clean your screen.

Clean Screen

This Made in the USA screen cleaner will have you happy to clean your devices.

HÄNS is super thorough. Its saturated, anti-microbial sponge lifts oil, dirt, and germs for the delicate microfiber cloth to wipe off. You can see it at work.

Brothers Scott and Jeff Bushaw would regularly wipe off their screens but didn’t like the amount of disposable wipes they were trashing. They wanted a tool that you could reuse and refill.

We like that you don’t need to spray a drippy cleaning solution, just saturate the sponge and swipe it across the screen. And when you run out, just refill.

Keep computer,
phone, and tablet screens squeaky clean with a few swipes. Read More Read Less