Smart Warmer

Hand Warmer and Device Charger - 4400mAh Case of 12

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11/1/2019 by Diana

My granddaughter loved this...she lives in Scotland and it comes in very handy in her pocket.


Works as advertised

2/14/2019 by W F




1/3/2019 by John

So nice not to have to mess with lighter fluid and flame.


Great invention!!

1/1/2019 by Katherine

My daughter works at a horse rescue and is out in the cold for extended periods of time. She is always freezing cold so this was a great gift for her. She also loves that she can charge her phone! Love this!!!!


Best item for the folks with cold hands!

12/25/2018 by patrick

We use the pocket warmer daily for countless hours since our purchase months ago. It works as promised for 6-7 hours & has been accidentally dropped several times with no damage to it's performance. Great investment!


A great gift to keep your hands warm

9/30/2018 by patrick

This little item packs the heat @ 115 degrees & keeps my wife's hands very warm . She suffers cold hands & feet daily even in the warm house. To me, it is worth the price, very sturdily built with a metal case.


Awesome product

7/25/2018 by Paul

I used it all winter to warm my hands and it worked great. My wife used it recently to charge her phone and it was a fast charge compared to other devices


Unique gift idea.

6/27/2018 by Judy

I got these for my cold handed family members. Works as a charger too, a bonus feature. They really like them.


smart warmer

5/15/2018 by Morlan

I bought this for my wife, her hands are always cold and I know because she is always trying to warm them up on me, don't take me wrong I like her touching me, but not on my side with freezing hands but more importantly she loves it and uses it. Thanks for the product.


Smart Warmer

1/22/2018 by Sandra

I have both severe arthritis and Raynaud’s disease in both hands. Both are relieved with heat and these warmers do an exceptional job.

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The Smart Warmer Story

Back-up battery life—and warmth.

Hands-On Warmth

Folks on the move will appreciate Smart Warmer’s two must-have functions. This hand warmer phone charger does both jobs in a pocket-sized design.

Whether you use it for a warm boost during commutes, at sporting events, or as a power bank to recharge your phone, the combined functionality makes this two-in-one problem solver great to keep handy.

The 4400 mAh Smart Warmer charges a phone twice or warms your hands for around four to six hours (not both at the same time). The same goes for the 2000 mAh battery, which provides one charge or three to four hours of toasty goodness.

Even though you
can’t use the charging and warming functions at the same time, the device stays warm for a while after you turn it off, so you still benefit from the heat.

It’s a simple (but smart) way to power up—and warm up—in one small device.
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