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very fun and appropriate crowns

6/24/2015 by Shannon

We had a wonderful 97th birthday party for my dad. He has limited eyesight and hearing, but he wore the "World's Best Dad" crown throughout the entire evening and enjoyed every minute.


Great way to help someone feel special

6/23/2015 by Jennifer

Heart of the Moment wearable crowns are fabulous. I gave one to my Dad who loved being King for a Day on his birthday and my niece got the WhooHoo crown. She thought it was terrific fun. I'm looking forward for the right time to use the last crown and then I'll buy more!


A fun idea!

6/22/2015 by Heidi

The bride-to-be crown was a big hit at a bridal shower last week. The bride wore it all through the night at her bachelorette bar-hop celebration and got many compliments!


Love the wearable crown

9/28/2016 by Bertha

1st recipient was amazed. He got "King of the World". Upon wearing, he was instantly referred to as "m'lord". It was great!



12/8/2015 by Sharon

I had big plans for this. It just didn't work out. No fault to the product.



10/19/2015 by Muriel

cute but overpriced!


Disappointment in size of each card

2/28/2016 by SudeepNarayan

I would have thought the size would be bigger,because,in my opinion,now they seem as mere child's play

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The Heart the Moment Story

Heart the Moment - Wearable Greeting Cards

Royal Celebration

Heart the Moment Founder Fern Solomon thought she had found a hobby when she started making fun, quirky greeting cards that turned into party crowns.

She’d been giving her unique, vintage-designed tiaras to friends and family celebrating special events for years, but was surprised when her son-in-law asked, “Where’s my crown?” on his birthday. Fern realized she had something significant: A unique product that makes people feel like royalty on their special day.

The cards deliver cheerful messages for birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, and other special occasions. The party
crown designs are whimsical collages that have a definite sense of humor— all the better for making someone a celebrated center of attention.

Fern is a fierce advocate of Made in the USA, and Heart the Moment cards reflect her passion. They are made here and can be mailed without extra postage. Even better, they can be kept and reused for future celebrations.
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