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Good idea!

12/10/2015 by Kim

I use this for multiple things but mostly for hanging my purse on my stroller or shopping cart.


Handy Gadget

11/24/2015 by tammy

Pretty fun little gadget - we took it camping and hung up our camp lights from the tree's. Pretty solid and versatile


My wife likes them.

6/29/2015 by George

Looks promising but My wife took both of them and wouldn't give them back. I've seen her use it for her purse at restaurants and shopping bags on a cart. I think she likes them.


Power Tool Hanger

5/15/2015 by bethel95

I purchased the Qlipter for one purpose: To use as a tool hanger when working around the house (especially while up on a ladder). I've had the challenge for many years of having my power tools with me without having my hands full or having to lug around a tool bag. Qlipter solves that, as the hook is just right for grabbing and securely holding the handle of my cordless drills (just above the battery pack), while the caribiner snaps onto my belt. What makes it all special is the swivel connection, allowing me to get the tool positioned for minimal interference with my moving around (especially when climbing a ladder). I'm holding back a star only because I don't know how well it will hold up under long-term use (and since it's a bit pricey, it needs to hold up for a long, long time).



1/23/2015 by Harold

Well designed and useful. Larger than I thought.


The Qlipter

1/5/2015 by Tohni

This product appears to be a solid quality clip - with a weird name! I've not had the chance to really test it yet, but initial use suggests it is rugged. I loved the idea of this and thought of a million uses right away. I cant wait to really put it to the test!



1/3/2015 by Cathy

My husband likes his Qlipter. He says its well made and versatile.



1/3/2015 by Marc

Terrific product. Compact to store, handy to use.


Practical, functional, and innovative.

12/2/2014 by Tamara

This product is PRACTICAL, FUNCTIONAL, and INNOVATIVE. I would rate it 5 grommets if it were available in smaller sizes — one for carrying concealed within a smaller bag where space is limited, for example.


Great product

11/30/2014 by Steve

Great product. Use in showers at the marinas. Never have enough benches if any. Just leave it clamped on to the handle of my shower bag. Always handy always there.

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The Qlipter - Carabiner Hook

Unlimited Utility

The HEROCLIP is an infinitely handy hybrid: the functionality of a carabiner combined with a 360º hook. The hook’s thin profile fits into tight spaces while its rubber cap prevents slippage and holds onto thicker surfaces.

Maker Mina Yoo came up with the concept while climbing Mt. Rainier, with nowhere to rest her backpack but the muddy earth. Her hanging tool for keeping gear off the ground turns out to have hundreds of other applications.

Attach a carry-on bag to a suitcase for easy transport. Hang a bicycle in the garage. Keep gym bags off the floor, dirt- and germ-free. Secure a diaper bag
to free up your hands. Clip shopping bags together for faster carrying. Fasten a lantern to a tree at a campsite.

For easy storage, an interior magnet holds the hook securely against the clip. Bring the HEROCLIP along anywhere, because indoors or out, its utility is only limited by your imagination.
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