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love it , handy for all kind of jobs

10/2/2015 by Teri

love it , handy for all kind of jobs


Works Great

9/12/2015 by David

Works exactly as anticipated. Very happy I purchased.



9/12/2015 by Dianne

I am in a rehab facility. The Qlipter is perfect for hanging a large bag to the bed rails I was worried the bag was to heavy, but it works great. I can think of so many uses My husband needs one.


couldn't have asked for anything more

9/2/2015 by Julie

It stayed put and held a fair amount of weight.



8/31/2015 by Corey

I recently went on vacation with the family and i use this clip to hook items together and it worked out great.


I love these!

8/31/2015 by Mary

I have one of these set up permanently in my bedroom. It sits hanging off the side of my dresser and that's where I put a couple of my spare purses, so I can swap them out easily. The rubber grips the tabletop very well. I take one with me out sometimes if I'm going to belly-up to the bar, so I can hang my purse right off of the bar top.


I don't know what else you want

7/16/2015 by Katherine

I absolutely love it!
I would like one a little smaller!!


Securing portable oxygen tank in car.

7/7/2015 by David

The Qlipter is a great solution for safely securing/hanging of my portable pulse oxygen tank in my car, when driving, to one of the passenger seat headrest support posts.


Unique and Useful.

6/27/2015 by Elizabeth

I gave 3 Qlipters to my husband for Father's Day. He really likes them. He owns many gadgets so I was happy to be able to surprise him with something new!


Great Idea - Great execution

6/26/2015 by S Simon

I have these on my work rollie and on hand for helping with all my grandchildren paraphernalia...

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The Qlipter - Carabiner Hook

Unlimited Utility

The HEROCLIP is an infinitely handy hybrid: the functionality of a carabiner combined with a 360º hook. The hook’s thin profile fits into tight spaces while its rubber cap prevents slippage and holds onto thicker surfaces.

Maker Mina Yoo came up with the concept while climbing Mt. Rainier, with nowhere to rest her backpack but the muddy earth. Her hanging tool for keeping gear off the ground turns out to have hundreds of other applications.

Attach a carry-on bag to a suitcase for easy transport. Hang a bicycle in the garage. Keep gym bags off the floor, dirt- and germ-free. Secure a diaper bag
to free up your hands. Clip shopping bags together for faster carrying. Fasten a lantern to a tree at a campsite.

For easy storage, an interior magnet holds the hook securely against the clip. Bring the HEROCLIP along anywhere, because indoors or out, its utility is only limited by your imagination.
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