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My new hiking essential

4/8/2015 by Roxane

Works great! I use to have to set my backpack on the ground on hikes mostly in the dirt. Now I can just clip my pack to the nearest tree or large bush with the clipter. No more worries about the ground in dirt stains on the back of my hiking shirts from my dirty pack rubbing on it all day.


great product

4/3/2015 by donna

Love this product! Very sturdy and wonderfully practical. Going to order more of these in the near future.


Love It!

3/24/2015 by gail

Ingenious! So many things you can do with this item. And its so sturdy!


A very handy tool

3/14/2015 by Jim

I just used The Qlipter when getting off the airplane last night, and it really came in handy. It was a very quick and efficient way to attach one carry-on to another and zip off the flight. Definitely recommend you keep one in your travel bag.


The Qliper

2/25/2015 by Louise

I love this hook clip! Right now I'm using it to attach my purse to tables at restaurants, but can see using it for camping and other things. It's very solid!


Great Product

2/15/2015 by Donna Jean

I have 3 of them. Keep one in each car. Have one with me also. If I forget, have a back up then. Use it mostly for keeping my purse off the floor. Works great. Better than those cheap ones that never hold it. Have people ask me where do you get them.


nice product

2/2/2015 by Robert

This is a handy item to have. Its pretty well made but I feel its a bit overpriced. However if you don't mind spending the money I would reccomend it.


Love it

1/31/2015 by Robin

Love it! Thank you, will be very usseful!



1/30/2015 by Lorraine

I now have three of them, and each is used for a different thing - they are saving my life in that they are so versitile!



1/20/2015 by Dana

I buy my partner some kind of clip/binder tool for each holiday and this has been his favorite so far. Very well constructed and came in handy almost immediately.

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The Qlipter - Carabiner Hook

Unlimited Utility

The HEROCLIP is an infinitely handy hybrid: the functionality of a carabiner combined with a 360º hook. The hook’s thin profile fits into tight spaces while its rubber cap prevents slippage and holds onto thicker surfaces.

Maker Mina Yoo came up with the concept while climbing Mt. Rainier, with nowhere to rest her backpack but the muddy earth. Her hanging tool for keeping gear off the ground turns out to have hundreds of other applications.

Attach a carry-on bag to a suitcase for easy transport. Hang a bicycle in the garage. Keep gym bags off the floor, dirt- and germ-free. Secure a diaper bag
to free up your hands. Clip shopping bags together for faster carrying. Fasten a lantern to a tree at a campsite.

For easy storage, an interior magnet holds the hook securely against the clip. Bring the HEROCLIP along anywhere, because indoors or out, its utility is only limited by your imagination.
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