AutoDogMug® Dog Bowl Water Growler Case of 12

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The Highwave Story

Highwave | AutoDogMug® Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Hydration Station

Highwave draws its inspiration from the sea. That’s because founder Gary Ross is a competitive surfer and sailor who has studied marine zoology. Combining his love of building with his passion for the ocean, and inspired by his dog, Bongo, Gary wanted to work on ways to help foster water preservation.

AutoDogMug® works like a one-handed, leak-tight water fountain for dogs. Squeeze the bottle to fill up the built-on bowl up top, and release to drain the excess water back into the bottle. This water bottle for dogs makes for easier sipping and drinks on the go and helps tamp down on wasted
water, too. It’s perfect for hiking, traveling, or just a jaunt around the block. Read More Read Less