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Rivet with Handle Case of 12

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Nice product

12/21/2013 by Fred

I am very pleased with the product, but you need to purchase the drinking top to fully enjoy the product.


Wonderful Product

12/5/2013 by Sue

Love the Holdster! Sturdy and well made. Although this product is listed under the "HIM" section, I'm definitely female. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I am particularly pleased that it's made in the USA. I had purchased a Cuppow lid to use with a Mason jar for water but when I used it for coffee the jar was just too hot. The Holdster is the perfect solution. And ladies, it's not just for men.


Excellent Product

12/2/2013 by Cindy

I purchased this item for my son for Christmas. I have seen them here in Vermont and am very pleased with the quality. He will love it!


Handsome and insulating

11/2/2013 by Debbie

I love this handsome insulating holdster and get compliments wherever people see me drinking from it. I was initially concerned as I had trouble removing the holdster from the jar but a search of the website had great instructions. I conditioned it with oil to soften the leather and protect it from drips. When traveling, I put a Cuppow on top of the lid with both pieces secured by the ring. When I'm ready to partake of my favorite beverage, I remove the lid and use the Cuppow. These two products are made for each other. Just a tad bigger around and the Holdster would fit on my pint and a half wide mouth jar (24 oz.) which is my favorite in the summer.


Down to earth.

10/5/2013 by Marlene

I love my Holdster it makes me feel down to earth. I am buying another for a B-day gift.



9/26/2013 by mamason

I bought two of these for friends - one with the rivets and the other in the cross-stitch design. Everything about the leather sleeve is high quality, and they are extremely good looking. I'll soon be picking up one for myself. This is an excellent product and well worth the price.


great gift idea

9/12/2013 by Kathleen

I purchased this for my son who loves drinking from Mason jars. He loved it! It was a hit. The holster is made with quality thick leather and is quite attractive. It has that great leather smell. He was so pleased. Great idea. Great gift. Thank you for such an original idea.


Couldn't be more pleased

7/25/2013 by Russ

Excellent product! I call this my "man mug". It's very well made and very practical. The lid keeps your coffee from spilling and the rich leather insulates the mason jar so you can hold what would be a hot jar of coffee. I bought two more Holdsters to give to my brother-in-law and my son. Buying a product hand made in New Hampshire just adds to the allure of this item.


Great Gift!!!!

6/28/2013 by Microgrl

I actually bought this for a gift for my granddaughter's husband...he loves to drink out of mason jars...so when I saw this I knew it was perfect. He loved it...told me it was best gift he got. The holster was very well made...would definitely buy again for gift.


Really love this

11/13/2015 by Candace

However forgot it can't be used in microwave - it really well made an durable leather but the grommets are metal

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The Holdster USA Story

Holdster USA - Mason Jar Sleeve

Saddle Up

Inexpensive, strong, and utilitarian, the classic Mason Jar makes a great drinking mug except for one problem: the glass gets too hot to handle when you’re drinking coffee, tea or other steamy beverages. Crocheted cozies can remedy the heat-transfer problem, but Marsh Gooding had a different aesthetic in mind when he designed the Holdster.

Made from thick, vegetable-tanned leather, the Holdster fits 16-ounce wide-mouth canning jars like a glove. And, just like a vintage baseball glove, the Holdster will soften over time as you break it in and make it your own. Exquisite details, such as
cross-stitched seams and copper rivets, highlight the leather, which has a classic, tailored look, smells wonderful, and feels comfortable as it protects your hands from hot contents.

Marsh developed the Holdster in Burlington, Vermont, where the first prototypes were hand-cut and sewn. He teamed with Bobby Paulus, and they moved production from their backyard to a saddle shop in Mount Hope, Ohio.

Marsh, who’s the great-grandson of a Colorado saddlery owner, wanted to create a product that feels like it was made 100 years ago, yet has the longevity to last 100 years from now. Mission accomplished.
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