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CapaBubbles Sample

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Reviews (3.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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11/29/2018 by Sandra

The CapaBubbles is fantastic. It kept my champagne fresh and bubbly for three weekends. I can't finish a whole bottle and in the past, I had to just throw the rest away because it wouldn't keep until the next weekend. Love this!


It Works

11/2/2018 by Sandra

Keeps the bubbles in your bubbly.


works great

5/26/2018 by Laura

I'm a big fan of Prosecco and this cap keeps it bubbly! Great for singles who like their bubbly.


Best "cork" ever!

1/16/2017 by Christi

The first time I used this, I didn't get back to my champagne for a full week. When I unscrewed the CapaBubbles, it was just as bubbly as the day I opened it! This is a must have for anyone who drinks sparkling wines!


Fresh bubbles...every time

6/20/2016 by Lee

I love this. It was like opening the champagne anew each time we needed a refill. Kept the bubbles light and the entire bottle lasted much longer this way!



1/26/2015 by Barrie

Works great keeps the bubbles in.Liked it so much bought one for my daughter


Great Product

1/21/2015 by Ruth

This product works wonderfully well. I bought the black with bubbles design.


It's ok

12/12/2018 by Saracia

This actually has two pieces to work with. The first piece goes below the flange, the bottom most outcrop of the neck. Then you screw on the top piece, I got the gold color, while holding the base part with your fingers to keep it together while screwing on the top silicone part. I never know when to stop...seems like the bottom part will break after a while with multiple uses. It does a pretty good job keeping the bubbles in the bottle. The top silicone part bulges out the top as the bubbles rise. There is no pop or exhaust when unscrewing the top part, but in the two bottles that I used it on, the bubbles were still rising.


Save Your Bubbly

12/30/2017 by Veronica

This took a few minutes to put to use. Follow the directions and even if the bottle is a little larger and the capa doesn't click in all the way, screw the top on gently and it's all good! This works really well to keep your bubbly...bubbly! :) Enjoy!


Broke the first time we used it

11/7/2016 by Anita

Let me start by saying I handed this to someone to use and assumed they would read the directions on the box. They did not; and they thought it was a push-down type of cap like the other cap you sell - which we have used successfully. After just a few seconds of trying to force it on, it cracked down the side. So I never even got to use it once and therefore cannot comment on how well it works only that it is cheaply made and could maybe use some simple instructions printed on the cap, such as "Twist to open /close."

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The CapaBunga Story

Capabunga - Wine Preserver & Silicone Cap

Sealed with a cap

CapaBunga is an airtight, silicone cap that reseals an open bottle of wine. No more wrestling with swollen corks, just pop on the reusable cap and store the open bottle on its side or in the fridge door.

The idea for CapaBunga® came from husband and wife team Walt Averill and Maire Murphy. Vintners in Sonoma and Napa, they invented CapaBunga® as a new alternative cap for their own wine, Rua. It was designed to resemble the bungs used to seal barrels at wineries. They chose food grade silicone material that securely, yet easily, slips on and off a bottle neck, keeping air out and liquid in. In
fact, the caps are so tight, bottles can even rest on their side or upside down without any leaking.

So, pour a healthy glass, or two, then seal that bottle up for future use with a CapaBunga . . . Cheers!
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