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Measuring Cap Storage Container Sample

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Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good idea!

7/12/2018 by Gingie

I only bought one size and cooking for just myself, I found this very handy!



1/12/2017 by Doc P

This is just the device I needed for my daily measuring out of breakfast topping (trail mix). Love it. This could be a real boon for dieters.


Very nice.

6/20/2016 by Donna Jean

Don't use for measuring but like for storage. Use one for my coffee.


Perfect storage device

9/12/2017 by Karen

We purchase rice in large bulk bags, and this is the perfect size for keeping a smaller supply of rice handy.


Good product

12/9/2016 by Trish

Product makes it handy for measuring out product!


Top Breaks

6/8/2016 by Barbara

I purchased three of these containers. The measuring cup section of the canister is not that accurate so each time we used it, the measure of product that came out was slightly different each time. Also, there are two small plastic pieces that make the hinge part of the lid work; in two of the three canisters, an arm just snapped off at some point and now two of my lids are broken and the canisters are useless without the plastic lid. I wanted to like these containers so badly, but they just didn't work out for us.


Want to love it, but I just like it

5/26/2016 by Rebecca

I think the idea of this product is really cool. It's perfect if you don't need an exact measure. It's pretty far from accurate, at least with the food I wanted to use it for - oatmeal. Maybe rice or sugar, something more dense would work better.


Space saver

5/26/2016 by Bob

The idea is good,but the container is awkward to use. I'll continue to use because it takes up less space than most other containers.

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The Made Story

Store, measure, and serve with one container.

More in Store

No need for a measuring cup when you have a measuring container. Made measures, dispenses, and stores dry goods all in one handy vessel. In fact, "Made" stands for "Measure And Dispense Easily."

The unique design holds dry ingredients in a slim, air-tight canister, while the lid doubles as a measuring cup and dispenser. Gently tilt and shake until the right amount of dry goods is in the lid—you can see the amount against the measurement lines. Lift the cap to dispense what you want, while the remaining dry goods stay put.

Founder CJ Knapp created Made after he couldn’t measure and mix baby
formula—while holding his baby daughter—in the middle of the night.

His design makes storing and serving easy. It’s perfect for measuring things that don’t need to be precise—like cereal, oats, nuts, rice, or granola. And it’s good for portion control, too.

The shape accommodates the large scoops for bulk dry goods while fitting in one hand, eliminating the need for disposable bags. Use several to store different dry goods—colored bands help identify what’s inside—and turn your pantry into a well-organized space.
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