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7/17/2018 by Donna

Love it when I can get it from the granddaughter! She loves it too!


Super comfy!

9/26/2017 by Cat

This pillow is fantastic.

It has the feel of one of those bean bag pillows but is large enough for even a fuller figured posterior (like mine!)

My only objection is that it is thicker (taller, higher?) than you might expect. If you plan to place this on a chair, make sure that you understand that this is one heck of a booster seat.


Thicker than expected.

8/5/2017 by Adelaide

Well, my cats love it, but it's actually a bit too thick for me to sit on comfortably. I was honestly expecting it to be less firm.

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The Yogibo Story

Yogibo Update V4

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Yogibo Maker Eyal Levy took the classic bean bag chair and made it more squishable, more comfortable, and more versatile.

At the core of what makes these loungers, seats, and pillows are near-frictionless microbeads that conform to your body like a hug. They’re wrapped inside a soft, stretchy cover. They don’t clump like typical styrofoam or plastic beads do, and they keep a bean bag’s shape better, too. Whether you’re looking to curl up, lay down, or get to work, Yogibo has expanded their scope with furnishings for just about every spot around the house (or office). The only place you won’t
find one is banished in a corner—It’s just too irresistibly comfy. Read More Read Less